NL AUTO node spacing


Is changing light spectrum really necessary? They grow outside in the garden okay before the days shorten.


This is my first auto grow. NL’s. This is 14 days from busting soil. Is this correct?


She looks healthy and happy
What type of light ate you using?
Lights in the red spectrum 3100k are better for flowering
And blue for veg 4100 k
Light intensity is important as well
Having proper amount of light is needed for big dense buds
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I am currently using 4 100 watt daylight CFL’s. Also 1 18 watt LED grow light just because I had it. Two if the CFL’s and the LED hang about 3 inches over the top. The other 2 cfl’s shine upwards 3 inches from the sides to penetrate the small branches while they are small. Ive used terrible soil but have been sparingly using Flower Power as directed. A small heater with a fan for air movement and a little heat. It sets on a heating pad due to the out building being a little cool yet. Can you mentor me along? I’m an old country boy as well. Next pic is 19 days old. Any suggestions?


24 hrs on as well. Definitely a poor man’s grow.


Although the plant will grow under cfl lights im not a big fan of using them for flower
They do a great job in veg though
If it where me i would invest is a amall 300 watt led grow light
You can get them fairly cheap on amazon that would give you the best results
You want about 50 actual watts per square foot of canopy
Most of the 300 watt led fixtures on amazon draw around 150 actual watts so they are good for 3 square foot
And would be great for one or two plants
If you want to continue using cfl bulbs once she starts flower you need to get more power and change to 3100 k spectrum range for best results
Buds may be airy under cfl lights also
Give the plant a rest period all plants need rest the do most of thier growing in the dark while using up the energy they store up during day light
Go with 18/6 for veg and 12-12 for flowering


I’m not going to be able to obtain a led this go round. I’m probably going to have to use CFL fir flowering. What wattage for CFL? I can get the red spectrum.


Here a good reference thread you might want to check out lots of good info if you take the time to look


Youll want to get same 50 watt per square foot range for best results in the 3100k color range
Look to see what the actual power draw is on bulb and do the math
So you’d need about a 100-150 watts for one plant for good results
@Mparham heres a reference light fir you to look at
Add the cost of all the bulbs and sockets etc you need it may be more cost efficient
Just a thought it you grow my friend


Ill keep you updated if you don’t mind. If I can get thru this I’ll learn alot. Maybe pass on some knowledge to someone else one day. That’s how it should work I believe. Thanks Kuntry.


Any time my friend just tag me if you need anything
Youll be ok she will finish up either way just wont be ideal
It will be a good learning experience for you as you mentioned
We all need to start somewhere and gain the knowledge
Paying it forward is the way i work too
If your a handy person
@dbrn32 is good guy to talk with he can assist in making your own led panel ? If cost is a option
Might be cheaper in the long run
Are you ising a tent or what ?


Thanks for the tag @Countryboyjvd1971

To answer your question @Mparham, If the difference was big enough I would prefer photon count leaning away from “ideal spectrum” in most cases. But what we (and plants) like is a lot of radiometric energy and that ideal light spectrum. When push comes to shove the different light wavelengths trigger different responses in our plants. Which is generally a direct reflection in our plant health and yield.

Long story short, I feel like having a good light spectrum isn’t as important if you have a lot of energy. The less light intensity you have, the more important your light spectrum is. You’re not going to create a lot of light intensity with cfl’s, so I would really try to add some warm whites for flowering when the time comes. It will assist in bud development and should help your yield.


I knew you where the guy for this one brother @dbrn32
Thanks fir jumping in and helping out :wink::+1:


No problem!

I’m certainly available to help with a diy project if that becomes an option.


I went ahead and ordered the light you recommended. As soon as my plant hits full flower, ill plug it in. 18" from canopy as I’ve read. Would it be beneficial to use it for the restof my veg? If so should I discontinue the cfls?