NL Auto flower Flowering Stage

How much do you think I will yield? :thinking:
Northern Lights Auto Day 56
Mars Hydro 1000
2x2x6 Grow Tent
Nutes: Mega Crop


Don’t think that question can be answered, there are way to many variables.

I can tell you that you have a LONG way to go. When the web site says it takes 8 weeks, that means 8 weeks of flower, not growth. The suggested 8 weeks is flowering under the best possible conditions and should be considered a minimum.


My last NL auto’s went 111 days and I could’ve EASILY let them go longer!

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Thanks bro and yeah I’m hoping to go 9 weeks of flower. And it’s actually My Amnesia Haze Auto got it confused lol. But will be posting my updates on it stay tuned👀

I had a NL Auto do that. I kept pulling the branches down and it just kept growing.
I pulled just over 9 ounces dry wt after it was all done.
Here is a pic, a couple small autos up front.


Nice plant bro, and should I worry about that main stem touching the light I’m afraid that it will burn it I only got a few inches about 6 to raise the light one last time since tent is only 6ft high. :man_facepalming:t2:

Get some string and start pulling those tall branches down.
You will be surprised at how fast the growth adjusts and you will get several side nodes aiming up at the lights. Its gonna be a chore to keep bending those branches down but it will just increase the final yield.

Jeez your making me seriously afraid of growing bigger yeild autos, luckily im doing zkittlez which tend to be shorter but still . Is that a 3x3 with 3 gal pots in the front (tryin to gauge size)

3 gal pots yes. and a 3x4 tent.
That plant just kept growing. Every other NL Auto I have grown stayed small.
But once in a while you get one that explodes. No need to fear…just adjust to whatever you get.

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Update Week 4 of Flower
First Picture is before I defoliated, Raised light and bent a few stems down, the stretching has slowed down, and it’s buds are getting thicker.

Update day 61 on cruise control just watching the buds grow each day.

How is she looking for Day 66? Bottom branches trying to reach up to the top and buds are getting thicker.

Looking good! The last time I grew NL auto’s I chopped them at 111 days. I could’ve very easily let them go longer.

Buds growing and plant widening for light to hit inner buds. Any idea on how much I’ll harvest? Still in week 6 of flower.

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Beautiful! Update?

Day 92 Still fattening up might be harvesting soon got a lot of milky trichomes.