NL auto first time!

I found bud rot on my top cola… I cut it off and defoliate… can I keep growing this or is it time to harvest to save the rest of the plant? I’m 5-6weeks into flower

Hey people !!! @Mark0427 @ConcreteBudz @HMGRWN @Covertgrower @OooWee1184 @JackAndSan … I need to figure out why my leaves on my white widow auto keep coming up with these brown spots? It’s perplexing me … I am growing in fox farms ocean forest and just giving plain ph water 6.2-6.4… any help would be awesome … is it cal mag def? Is it leaf rust ? Is it mold ? Am I worrying too much about it?

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Probably cal-mag and maybe also potassium. I am having similar issue with one of my strawberry cheesecakes.

Can you post a pic of your issue for comparison? I’m just hoping it’s not some mold or fungus


@Littlebear1 if you would like to ease your mind about fungus or mites try checking the undersides of your leaves with a jewelers loop or some kind of magnified glass see if you see anything

Have to feed PK right now, which it looks like a little bit of both. I would highly suggest to start feeding sooner than later.

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That’s EXACTLY what my NL started to do. I had a whole thread on it. Some said too much heat, some said lack of nutes, some said that’s just what happens when they get to the end of flowering.

Started with brown spots. Then the leaves started to curl and dry up. Are you getting high temps in your tent by chance?

By the time I posted, my issue was much further along but it definitely started just like your NL… Here’s the link

Ya it’s hot here for sure … I’m sitting around 77-80 in my tent.

I had temps near 90. I think you’re good in that sense. Hopefully the other folks can help pinpoint what’s going on.

Since you’re just giving PH’d water. I’d start to add cal mag. Not sure what else you intend to give her but now might be the time.

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Thanks @Covertgrower @OooWee1184 @HMGRWN for the advice … I just started adding cal mag . Going to go ahead next watering and add some nutrients. I’m using GH trio . Any advice on how many ml per gallon I should start off with… the recommended dose on the bottle is way too high

I would check your ppm after mixing. I wouldn’t go over 1200 if you have a meter.

No ppm meter but I will have to go out and buy one

I would go half dose, until you get a meter. Flying blind is challenging.

Most recommend a quarter dose at first. Just what I recommend to be safe and ease her into it. Keep us posted!

No ppm meter but I will have to go out and buy

Amazon or eBay will be cheapest

Thanks for the comments! I’ll keep you posted with some progress pics in the next couple days !

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Just remember @Littlebear1 you can always add what you think is needed a little at a time but you cannot ever subtract anything. Food for thought…

Here’s a little update… I have been watering every other day with GH trio and cal mag. I think it’s starting to improve the issue after it got a little worse … took some time to correct but all good … I’m about 3 weeks till flush from my guesstimating .


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