NL auto first time!

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Can’t seem to figure out why they are looking this way… I have been watering with cal mag only to see if that will help .

When you say ‘looking this way’ are you talking about the wilting or the color? If you’re talking about the wilting, it has to be over watering. Tell us how you water/how often.

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I last watered them with about a gallon and a half between the 2 of ph water with cal mag. I might have watered too much ? I had let the pots dry out before watering them. I figured the curling up was a cal mag issue . And also the purple stems led me to believe that cal mag was needed

Before you watered, were they reaching upwards? The only time I’ve seen a reaction like that is over watering. You might be giving them a bit too much at this age. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with how much you gave them once they’re a little older. Let them dry up a bit, and see if they start perking back up. If they do, just a little too much water. Another trick might be to water away from them a bit. Leaving a 2 inch dry ring from center stem. Promotes healthy roots by making them stretch for water.

With that said, if they don’t perk up and the soil is dry, there’s another issue. The leaves that got burned early on are going to stay that way but don’t worry too much. It shouldn’t hurt them any. We want those leaves reaching up and out though :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the advice. I’m going to let them dry out like you said and water with less. It’s already been 24 hours since their last watering so shouldn’t take that long . My coco is mixed w/ 50% perlite. Is it even possible to overwater with that much aeration?

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Keep me posted on how they look once they are thirsty. With that much perlite, no…it should be difficult to over water. I scrolled your post a bit but can’t tell for sure. Are they in fabric pots? If not, did you put holes in the bottom of the pot for draining? Watering once a day to every 2 days is common. Especially when you start giving them a gallon at a time when they get big :slight_smile:

PS - Don’t get discouraged. Minus the wilting and early burn, they are looking good/normal.

Man thanks for keeping me positive! It’s been a rollercoaster of second guessing myself. But it’s all about trial and error. I’ll post pics tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:… they are in fabric pots.

Haha we’ve all been there. I still second guess myself. I remember on my first grow my wife would catch me staring off into space and go “is everything ok?” Thinking I was worried about paying bills or my job etc. She’d throw her hands up with an ‘oh my god’ before I could even finish telling her it was about the plants lol.

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I feel like I am that guy already Hahahaha!

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LOL, sometimes i wake up and realize that i have been dreaming about my “NEXT” grow room.

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@OooWee1184 …I watered both about 3/4 of a gallon and barely got any runoff(using coco with 50% perlite. Just gave cal mag and 5.9 ph water) here are the pics taken this morning .

Hmmm…and did they look basically the same before you watered?

Plant in bottom pic is looking better, no?

Ya pretty much the same … here is right before I watered…

I can’t seem to figure why the edges are curled up like that … they seem to be growing tho

Update…I went ahead and flushed the ladies and they seemed to take it well. The pics were take. 10 hours after flush… the water that was coming out was super dark. I managed to get to run semi clear and finished off the last flush with some ph water with cal mag to add soMe nutrients back in.


What do y’all think? A little small for preflower?

That is pretty small. Are these the same as at the beginning of the thread, 20 something days old?
Looks like you got some runts there. :pinching_hand:

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Ya I think I stunted them due to lack of growing knowledge… I’ll have to do better next time hahah … for now I’m just continuing them as a learning project for next time @HMGRWN

I too jumped in near blind and paid for it with 2 not impressive plants back to back.
They were both Blue Dream which is supposed to be very easy and forgiving plants.
#1 was cut waaay early and had fluffy nada for buds, #2 got nute burned or something and tasted like dead yellow leaves(a little), also had larfy buds.
Turns out I was under-lit probably so I got a new light and now run them both for flower.
I am starting to smoke some White Cheese now (plant #3) that is much much better.
I was trying to have a revolving supply with one in veg, one flowering and one drying and I may be pushing my space limits. I am about to cut a Zkittles (plant #4) and I hope my learning curve holds on an upward trajectory.

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I can relate!!! As this being my first time I jumped into growing with coco and that has been quite the learning curve . I’m going to go with organic soil next time to see how it differs! Good luck with your harvest !