NL auto #2. By Happy Pappy


If it goes another month, it a trophy. I won’t smoke her, ill mount her.


She’s a huge one, you’ve done what people are scared of doing, topping an auto flower, your growing like a PRO My friend, great work


I say, if they are growing strong, fim it. It’s just a weed. Many more where that came from. Gotta take a chance. Like the stock market.


Lmao, mounted next to the deer head!!


Yes, only more points and a bigger rack.


To hell with the trophy buck, that thing will put them to shame


Yep, and I didn’t even buy a license!


It’s looking like we’re gonna have huge thunderstorms today. What’s it like in Texas?


Beautiful morning 81 degrees. And sunny


Overcast, humid and eary looking here. It’ll dump two inches and whack, boom this afternoon.


No rain in our forecast, I Better get going temps are Gona be rising, have a good one my friend, I will catch up with you this evening


Beautiful nice and green


Yes. Been nice as always as usual. We’ll catch up later!


Beautiful job, and so nice of you to share your buds with that grass hopper (LOL) @Happy_Pappy


What grasshopper? @smitty87
Your messing around, I can’t see it!


So the both of you must be high. (LOL) @Happy_Pappy


I feel the same way I topped mine twice and she is sill going strong. I have another that I am kinda leary of topping she is a little behind at this point. @Happy_Pappy How old is the one with the Grass Hopper on it?


93 days old. It’s not a grasshopper. It’s weedhopper.


What’s up @Mrcrabs


No much, getting the animals situated, how bout yourself, this lovley morning