NL auto #2. By Happy Pappy


Sure is and does! Pretty nice trick for an indica dominant strain, don’t you think?


Can anybody tell me if they have heard from @MattyBear?


He was on here yesterday. I haven’t seen any likes from him today. Tagging like you did should get him here. :grin:


Hey @Happy_Pappy. I’m bouncing around but is there anything I can help you with?


No friend. Ever had anybody come to mind and think, “I wonder where there at?” That’s all.


I appreciate you thinking of me! Let me know if I can be of assistance :v:


One feed at half dose since sprouting. Waiting for soil to dry then will give bloom feed.


Flat canopy from the lights hang point.![IMG_20180525_150841|375x500](upload://v0mCXawJjqDCGIefcujQJbSJNBV.jpg
Today was root feeding day. I gave the plant Bergman Flower Food with a smidgen of Monster bloom at 6.4 PH water. Let’s see what squirt does.


Hey friend. Still a little grass smell and started curing two days ago. I will say that when you grind on a bud, it gives off a sweet mild skunky odor with a touch of lemon to it. I’ll get you the toke report in a couple to few weeks.


Okay there sweet precious. I performed another tie down today. I gave her about a half dose of flower feed and a pinch of Monster Bloom. I’ve had no issues with this plant but a couple of spots on it leaves. Funny thing is that when you have a sick plant like my first one, you barely even noticed the spots on this one. A spot, :scream:!!!


Love it! @Happy_Pappy living proof of your newly grown green thumb! High Budzo what’s up?


Not much. Your Silly is looking awesome.


That she is! I love the purple! I am guessing maybe mid week @Happy_Pappy. Don’t ya just wish it would be easier to be able to share! A bunch of crazy ole souls.


Hey @Loneviking, how did that tall and skinny plant turn out? Mine is just like it. Tall and skinny.


About 3 ft tall and sweet smelling. I wound up with right at 20 grams dry weight off of her.


Hey @Sasquatch, is this preflower yet or showing sex?



Yes sir, she’s in pre flower and definitely a she. Congrats!


Yep, she’s pretty!


Hey there @raustin, how old is Monique today, please?


I would like to announce that today I’m calling it the flowering stage.