NL auto #2. By Happy Pappy


I appreciate that friend. It’s still rocking but I can’t help but to think, one large stalk, 6 good highs. But on the other side of it I think, more power for the other stems. It’ll all be good in the end. Thanks for that.


In a week you should be great and you will have forgot all about it. I forgot about mine till you mentioned yours here.


You are correct friend. Except knowing a new, not to do.


So, my plant showed sex and I’m sure the preflowers and stretch will commence soon. Right on schedule. 5-17-18 @highcountrygal, @raustin, @smitty87
Smitty, I’m bringing you into my Autoflower grow.


Cool a smart ass after my own heart. No offense intended! And speaking of smart ass I was a Union Millwright by trade for 20 plus years and being a smart ass or having a strange sense of humor is a huge part of the trade. They say if you got thin skin you will either thicken it up or quit. No room for softies!!! @Happy_Pappy Thanks for the invite. I WILL be stalking!!! and planing my next Smart Remark (no offense intended)


Thanks. No offence. Be ready for it back. Plus, I’m and old union guy myself. My dad was a business agent. It runs deep. I don’t get offended unless you are mean to my dog.


I kinda seen that coming Which hall I’m Local 1607 Millwrights So CAL

  1. Atlanta


Construction or Local labor?


It was the Laborers International. Big projects. That was a long time ago. He’d get me summer jobs making 16 plus an hour sweeping floors. In 1980 that was a heap of money for a teen. That’s still a decent paying job here. Takes two working to have a decent life.


If youd like to buy a home at least. I actually accepted a job that is very similar to a union job and start tomorrow. It is based in Holland. They pay better in Europe blue collar wise anyway. It’s a total clone of a union job. Scary. I’m gonna like it I think.


Nice now I have something in common with you I am/was an industrial mechanic. Sharp tools sharp witt. Any questions>>>>>>>>>>>


I’ve been around industrial work all my life. I was a mechanic in the Army.


I was told by my daughter in-law that I am the only person she knows that can walk into a room full of people and with one sentence insult everyone there. I consider that a compliment quite a feat do you agree? @Happy_Pappy


Bad thing is i’m just being me (LOL) @Happy_Pappy


You and I would get along fine. We could insult twice the people.


You know they say everyone loves a little A$$ and no one likes a Smart A$$ its lonely at the top (LOL)


So, later gator. Your cluttering up my thread. If your needed I’ll let you know. Now beat it!


tail between my legs whimpering exit stage left<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< (LOL)


Update: looking good but flowering a little sooner that I thought. Its all good. The stretch has begun.
My other plant had stativa leaves and a indica bush. This has a stativa bush and indica leaves. Life is like a box of chocolates.