NL auto #2. By Happy Pappy


Thank old buddy, @Mrcrabs. Been streched my self. The new job is keeping my mind busy and tired. Im glad that you contacted me. I hope your enjoying the Kush.


Very much, same here, I loving the kush but leave that for my old lady, it’s helps her with her pain


I hear you. Pain is a demon. Ive sure had my share. Your a good man @Mrcrabs.


@Happy_Pappy @highcountrygal @SmoknGranny @Budbrother I’m pretty excited, the peyote game me seeds, now the next adventure and try to get these seeds to sprout, the peyote still has more pods but I’m leaving those alone, Mother Nature will probably do a better job than me.

I ended up with 3 seeds, a couple fell into the pot when I picked out the pod. I have 3 pods left on the peyote, everyone enjoy your Sunday afternoon, my friends


@Mrcrabs I’m having great luck germinating in coco

Keep out of direct sun. I have mine in a tote so only side light gets in there.


Awesome so happy for you my friend, how long ago did they go in the coco?


About 2 wks


Seeing all them sprout gives me inspiration @Budbrother, nice setup , I’m gona give it a try.


Next time they flower, you can brush them to self pollinate for ya. More seeds, I’ll take some :grin:


Yes, thanks for the video, I checked it out went to the arts and craft store got me a small brush for next time.


I’ve also seen a camera lense blower/brush. I think that’s a great way.


This time around I just put her outside next to a small pond I have and there’s always bees drinking water so I think they helped out. But I’m ready for the next time to be certain


Congratulations PaPa :heart:


That does it friend. Im coming to Texas. Good luck with that.


Check this out @Mrcrabs

@smitty87 has a mangina, Smitty has a mangina!


Is that the best you can come up with after three days of thought JoJo. I guess is should spell JoJo out for you. JoJo is the dog faced boy in the circus (aka @Happy_Pappy) LOL :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Check that out @Mrcrabs. Have a good night brother.


Take a look at these JoJo.

Or how about BOM?
@Happy_Pappy @Mrcrabs


@Happy_Pappy how you doin brother, I’m just getting back home,was workin 7/12 with my brother, his lead man hand an accident and I went to fill in while he recovered

Mrs crabs first solo grow, here are my clones. She held up the fort nicely while I was gone


@Mrcrabs this was my first Kush grow, it’s definately different huh? Thought that too


I’m happy for you my friend, I’m enjoying some of my kush myself. Awesome strain enjoy