NL auto #2. By Happy Pappy


I started this new thread to see if I get better results this time. My NL sprouted yesterday 4/12/2018. Started in a peat plug with topsoil in a Solo cup. I ordered a bag of FFOF, Black Magic Perlite and a Max XXair pot, 5 gallon, to plant it in when the roots are estblished. Currently using 2 75 Watt, 48 watt actual draw, CFLS to veg with. Running a small fan for air flow 24/7. That is it now and I will update the progress as it moves along.

I am tagging a few of you and will add more support as I remember you.
@raustin, @dbrn32, @MattyBear, @Covertgrower, @highcountrygal, @Myfriendis410, @Sasquatch, @elheffe702, @SmoknGranny, @Justgrowin,


I’m wishing you the best :+1:


@Laurap, and more to come. @Not2SureYet


I hear good things about Northern Lights but haven’t grown it yet.


Best of luck, looks like you’re off to a good start!


Thanks for the tag! @Happy_Pappy doing good, and I’ll follow along.


Will get you a smoke report in several weeks.


I appreciate it CG!


Here and following! Good luck little lady :+1:


Off to a good start!


Going to give this one a little better grow conditions, elheffe.


You’re doing great, @Happy_Pappy!


Thanks girlfriend.:cupid:


@Happy_Pappy I hope you think of me at taggin’ time:) Your NL will outshine the North Star!


good luck and i will be following too.


You’d best get sure! Lol I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure. Thanks. Id enjoy following you as well. Please tag me.


I did tag you my sweet friend. :blush:


Dbrn, I have a very stupid question that I need an educated answer to. Or two maybe.
Do you know if the second generation 300 Galaxyhydro that emits yellow light is better than the purple one?


Smoke report please.


Lol, smoke report? You mean the chocoloupe? It’s honestly the best smoke I’ve ever grown, and exactly what I wanted. Nice, heady high, almost speedy, great for daytime buzz. Tastes like grape jelly though, with a citrus note.