NJ Outdoor Year 1

Greetings all. Not only is this my first year actually putting effort into my plants, this is my first post on these forums as well! Let me begin by thanking everyone for the plethora of information that is gathered here. I’ve been able to learn so much just by exploring all the post made by you wonderful folks. Now that we have that out of the way here we go…

I’m not 100% sure of the genetics of my strain, my guy had a batch that was riddled with seeds last year and thus I was able to squirrel lots of seeds away! He believes it is “Bluebird” but isn’t 100%, so that’s what well go with.

I germinated inside starting in the beginning of April, had sprouts in starter medium by the second week of April. It has been cool here for the beginning of spring, so I kept the sprouts inside on an 18/6 light schedule under a LED 60w grow light until they were ready to be transplanted and as of this past weekend I have 6 babies that have moved their way outside. A good friend of mine that lives about an hour away took 2 of them, and we are having a good time this far comparing how our plants are coming along.

Pics to follow.


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Welcome to the forum @thedeernad :grin: I’m excited to watch this grow. Happy growing! And good luck :wink:


Good start! Good luck with the grow!


Thank you @Missiles !

The plants in the orange pots were transplanted today, the ones in the larger green pots were transplanted this past weekend. I dug up soil from under some nice foliage in my woods and mixed it with blood/bone meal as well as some Epsom salts and vermiculite to make the soil for my pots. I mulched the top of them with shredded dried leaves and then topped that with dried grass that I had raked in my yard into a pile that sat for about 2 weeks.

Was planning on starting a nice feeding tomorrow morning for all 4 since it’s going to be a nice sunny morning, and in their current location, they get direct sun from sun up till about noon!

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Thanks @Bobbydigital!

Updates to follow!

Wow you got a excellent Head start! I love seeing all these outdoor grows up and running. I would love to be able to but I’m not in that position right now LOL I can’t wait to see your ladies all nice and big :wink:


Welcome to the forum! Looks like you’re off to a great start, good luck with these!

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Looking good.

Let me apologize in advance if I’m sounding doom and gloom.

Riddled with seeds could very well mean the phenotype is genetically hermaphroditic.

If you read any book or growing guide you will see that the most important factor is genetics.

What you got going is great, I would suggest you “back up” your grow with some seeds from a known breeder. This way you hedge your bets if the bagseed goes hermaphroditic.

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As @AAA said, seeds from bud, ie. bag seed, can be a mixed blessing.
Best of luck. Hopefully you got the good seeds. :+1:

Btw. I’m growing 1 plant outdoors from “bagseed” too. Just because it’s free sunlight.

Since the sunlight is free , you can always justify with the Mrs. funds for seeds!

Nothing wrong with a pot plant, but I love a plant with a guaranteed origin!


See quite a bit of pine needles. Pine trees tend to have acidic soil that could lock out some nutes. Have you benchmarked you soil runoff (pH and PPM)?

Tha is for the responses gents, @AAA, @Drinkslinger, @dbrn32, @WickedAle !

Now that I’m out of that 24hr lockout for new members who post too much…

On the topic of the genetics of my seeds, I know for sure that the seeds are the result of a hermie that was changed due to unfortunate light exposure. I do not know if the seeds are from that plant specifically or from other females that were accidentally pollinated. I thank you guys for pointing out the role of genetics here, as it has spurred me to do a lot of research (albeit interwebs research) and it seems that the debate is out on hermies and seeds. I don’t intend to dive into that debate, as it’s a little over my head at this point, but lets say I did luck out and get seeds from a female that was pollinated from a hermi, isnt that how you get feminized seeds?

In any case, I’m happy to be where I’m at this year with what I have to work with, and as it will be a (hopefully) personal harvest, I won’t mind seeds in the buds at all! Last year my attempt at a guerilla grow ended when some deer plucked my plant before I got a fence around it. :disappointed_relieved:

In my neck of the woods there are lots of healthy pines, but I do have a nice diversity of trees and other plants in the woods where I dug my soil up. I bought a PH/Nutes test kit for my soil yesterday but decided to get the smaller plants into larger pots since I didn’t have a lot of free time after work.

This morning before work, I snipped the lower fan leaves and did a feeding and am happy with how the larger of the 4 responded. The smaller one is hanging in there, and the 2 I transplanted yesterday look to be ok as well. I also conducted a quick soil ph test in the largest pot and it’s looking to be right around 6.5ish. I have a solution settling for a NPK test which I will do tomorrow morning!

Pics to follow…

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The last one caught some rain :sweat_drops:

Looking good. Can’t wait to see your results!

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