NJ Outdoor 2021 - Gold Leaf/Blue Dream

Getting better cooking pizza here, working on bagel and kaiser roll recipe and lucky for Virginia to go legal, but have a feeling Jersey is right behind and will allow more more plants there

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@Drfting1 you are sped along my Language.

Calandras baked goods and the restaurant they opened oh man that place was amazing. I lived in Lincoln park for the last few years before I moved up and A&A’s deli was right down the street and G&A bagels was right out on rt23. We had it good.

I’ve been trying to bake real hard rolls for years and only getting sort of close

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@Deez @Drfting1 all about the WATAH! :sweat_smile:

Getting that perfect dough, be it bagel, pizza, or bread, requires that perfect NJ water :grin:


@Deez I do a QWET and filter in mason jars then let it evaporate in a silicone baking tray inside my aux tent with a fan blowing over it. Usually decarb the bud first, but I had stuffed everything in the freezer this round without decarbing so I decided to YOLO it and just decarb the concentrate. I don’t like decarbing the concentrate as much as decarbing the bud before the QWET, but this time around went ok. I think applied a bit much heat to the concentrate with my heat gun while extracting it from the tray (I was in a hurry :grimacing:) but I took some oil this morning and it seems to be working so :man_shrugging:

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I worked for Verizon right there in Lincoln park… The ShopRite there even had an awesome bakery… g&a is where I picked up the bagels :+1:

It did you’re right! I actually worked right across the Newark Pompton Turnpike from the Verizon local exchange over in Riverdale. There was a great Japanese hibachi restaurant right next-door to our office. One of my favorite lunch spots Was Circle Farms right on route 23. They had the best produce and fruits and they always have really good premade salads and stuff like that that you can scoop up and go

That’s one of the things that kills me, is that even the grocery stores could make good hard rolls and I can’t get anything close to that from anywhere in Vermont. They all sell these mushy ass round rolls that they call bulky rolls. They suck.

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I’ll be trying out a new hard roll recipe this weekend along with a bagel one, need to start a new topic “food I wish I had while growing” lol


It was a nice surprise :+1:

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me too small world… love it out here

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Deez, how do you like your Stonington fertz? I’m growing in Platinum and just ordered their fertz, fish meal and castings.

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Rumor has it hunterdon used to be big for growing pot back in the day, well before my time thats for sure…