Nivana dud seeds

Ordered a shirt ton of seeds from Nirvana, long story short the quality of seeds is complete garbage, from cracked pods to premature seeds, little useless trash seeds. I’ve been growing for 15 years and never had this issue before. Emailed Nirvana and out of 42 seeds three popped, two died a week later and one is still three inches tall after two and a half weeks in veg., I agree it sounds like a grower issue, but I tested the water pH, temp humidity, you name it and can’t figure out what’s what. Luckly a order from another seed bank here in the USA came through, germed them and almost all popped and are basically trees compared to Nirvana’s seedlings almost twice the age lol. I literally have four different strains from Nirvana and all the seeds are sketchy trashy scam seeds!!! Not buying from Nirvana for awhile if not ever again. Be for warned or be prepared to throw your money time effort and dream crop away. After researching online I’ve found Nirvana deletes all the honest negative reviews, but you can still find them on other honest sites. Good luck and happy growing.

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Thanks for heads up. I have only bought seeds from ILGM and so impressed its doubtful i would shop anywhere else.


Same here. I ordered from ILGM the first time I ordered seeds, and haven’t had any reason to go elsewhere


Free shipping and takes MC! Works every time!

Personally on my first grow myself and I didn’t know about this site initially. I ordered some seeds from seed supreme, they seemed to have some nice strains but the seeds I received also seemed somewhat premature smaller and lighter shade, not quite the deeper tiger stripe looking seeds, however 1 out of 1 germination attempt popped thus far and resulted in the auto ak-47 I have now so I can’t really complain. The shipping seemed sketchy as well however as I received the seeds in tiny bags inserted inside of a pen presumably to avoid issues with customs or something. Moving forward ILGM will receive my business. :slight_smile:

Before I brought my seeds from ilgm I tried to buy from sensiseeds but they don’t send to where I live, which I’m glad as I wouldn’t of found this site, thumbs up sensi seeds :+1:t4:

I had ILGM Blue Cheese seeds that did not germinate, I sent an email to ILGM and 5 days later had all 5 seeds replaced. Talk about great service, especially by honoring their germination gaurantee! All 5 replacement seeds popped no problem as well.

@Buddy420 That sucks for you man. I’ve not had that same experience. I’m currently growing Nirvana seeds. My Tangie & Blue Dream are 26 days old.


Sad to hear about your experience. I would give them a chance to make it right. I bought some Aurora Indica beans from them, however, I have not planted them yet, the seeds looked good and viable when they arrived.

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I contacted Nirvana through email and explained everything I did and didn’t do, they responded with " just this once we’ll send five free seeds", gee thanks, I just spent about three hundred on twenty seeds that are junk and I only get five? Lol, this isn’t the first time this has happened with Nirvana seeds, but also to note I’ve had great success with the Wonder woman stain even though the five pack of seeds develops three different looking plants, any who thanks for the comment.

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They look great bro, I’ve had decent grows with their seeds before but this years beans suck, or at least the ones I ordered. I’ve been ordering Nirvana for years and for some reason the quality of seeds and strains is low to straight garbage. Good to hear your didn’t get screwed over, it’s not a pleasant experience by any means.

ILGM my main source, I’ve grown seeds from 2 other reputable places with success, hoping to sprout an Aurora Indica next year, not sure of my line up yet.