Nitrogen toxicity


Excellent, they look great. I would push that net down further if you can.


Did as much as I could. They just woke up so we’ll see what 16hours of qb love does for them.



Looking good!


almost there


amazing what 16hrs of led magic does


Does it all need to be above the net? @raustin


Well, yes, that’s the whole point. Anything below the net gets cut off because it only draws energy away from what’s above the net.


Won’t it grow through during the stretch?


Yes, some of it will reach the net, but anything that doesn’t reach gets cut.


@raustin. I left for work. Wife checks the plants and waters since I’ll be gone a few days. She texts they look brown and crinkley. I get the text at lights out. So when lights go back on she calls and they look good, but need watered. I think the qb cooked them. My oscillating fan died wed and I plan to replace it when I get back. Apparently wrong decision. She upped the lights several inches. Fuck. It’s always something. Grow kits need to come with a cot so you don’t ever leave their side. Everything looks fine on FaceTime. I’ll see in perso in a few days


Don’t panic, I’m sure it’s not as bad as it sounds. A little light burn shouldn’t kill them.


Lights up solved one problem. New growth all over

but I found on the glue trap, in the tiny bit of water and in the soil these micro silver bugs. I don’t see them on the leaves. But who knows. I diatomaceous earthed the soil. I’ll have to get neem for lights out. @raustin spray everything? Even if I don’t see them on leaves? What’s it sound like?


Hmm, i’m not sure, sounds like it could be gnats. Let’s ask somone who will know, @garrigan65. Can you get a pic of one of them?


I tried theyre to small. They look like ashes. Tiny tiny tiny silver. Easily killed I guess. That’s how I spotted them. In the bottom of the overflow were all these ashes. Then on the glue trap. Like little pencil marks. Then in the soil. Moving little fuckers


Do you have a microscope? You can try and take a pic of a dead one with that.


Yes I do. Lights out now. I will in 6 hours


Cut up a potato and place it on the soil around the plant and check it every so offen. They are attracted to it


Will do. Thank you @garrigan65 . I couldn’t get a pick from the microscope. But the one I saw looked like a water flea . Clear with brownish organs. Small small. I couldn’t find them anywhere since I put diatomaceous earth over the tops of the soil. I found 1 or 2 on the glue trap. Which is fewer than the hundreds that were there.


@raustin how’s it look? I’m weaving
Tucking tiring all over. Would flipping next Monday be too soon.