Nitrogen toxicity


I’m not either. Lol. I’m just trusting it works. The other way I’ve read is that 12/12 shortens the flowering by 3-7days 13.5/10.5 is same amount of days with more time with the light on.


cool brother I feel you. just make it happen ya :yum:


the reason im not sure is i thought 12 hours of darkness needed for flower


It’s 12 with the first 2 hours getting it into the dark cycle. With far red the dark cycle starts when the red light turns off. Google the far red thread. It Explains it better than I can. People go as far as 14/10. I will switch back to 12/12 for that last week or 2.


With Far red you can pretty much trick your plants into going to “sleep” faster, without it it usually takes around 2 hours to do this. With the far red it happens in about 15 minutes giving you that extra 1hr 45 mins. So you can essentially keep your lights on for 13.5 hrs and off for 10.5 hrs and keep them into flower.
You dont even really need a 12/12 cycle. There have been tests that have shown doing 24 hrs of light, followed by 12 hrs of darkness can keep your plants flowering.



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When do you trim off/defoliate(lollipop) your plants. How about small branches. At this point(day14) I’m taking off any leaf that shades bud. I’m taking off any stem that doesn’t have a bud as round as my pinky. How am I doing?

I trimmed them
Last night. Small Buds everywhere covered by leaves. everything has grown already. Advice?


When I lollipop, I like to do a little bit every day. You should be doing that now. She looks great!


I took every bit of 2 basketball size piles off yesterday.cant wait. Thanks. Light goes to 13.5/10.5 starting today🤞.




Looks good. I got my fingers crossed and wishing you all good luck for it to work correctly. I’ll definitely be following along.


When I first see flowers, I lollipop. Two plants took me a little over two hours


I spent 4hours today. I’ll do more each day.


not more than 30% of the foliage at any one time


day15since flip!


When you lollipop do you take every single shade leaf? @raustin @garrigan65 @Daddy @hangthebanksters @Hogmaster or do you leave the lower ones and just let them turn yellow and fall off.


I like to leave everything on personally


You tell’em hog man


Everything? Like you don’t take any leaves? Or just in flower you don’t. A lot of what I took off should have come off weeks ago imo.