Nitrogen toxicity .the claw

I’m in my third week of flower and I probably didn’t back off my veg nutes soon enough… so I’m getting some nitrogen toxicity , some clawing. 5 gal air pot , coco. What do I do about it ?

1st thing you need to do is make sure your PH is correct. 6.0-6.1 should work for Coco.

For the next 2 watering events use only PH adjusted water, and monitor new growth. The claw will not go away but the new growth should be fine. :slight_smile:
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p.s. Always change over to bloom nutrients before switching photo period. Also; Properly PH’d grow nutes should not cause this issue unless solution is too strong or PH is off. Too high.


Thank you . this leads me to another question. I’ve always read… Coco is hydro…coco is hydro. And the optimal pH is 5.8. But I’ve also read that coco… Just as you said. is optimal 6.0 6.1. Why does coco do best at 6.0 ?

I am using coco mix and find tht 5.8 is the best for any type of soiless or coco etc. Thats my opinion anyway. And i was given a chart that shows the difference that plants in soil and soiless including coco. What ph is best for the plants to absorb the nutrients they need. I use 6.5 for my soil and 5.8 for soiless including coco. I will look the chart out and post it for you if you like. I had the same problem i flushed her at 5.8 and she thanked me for it. However wen growing autos mistakes like tht affect your veg or flower big time if you dont catch it quick enough.

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Coco is not hydro. Coco is a medium.

Hydro is a method of growing in a sterile environment using a water flow and supplementing the water with the necessary minerals to attain the proper PH and nourishment for the plant.

Sometimes you have to balance PHG against a volatile medium, and this is done on a case to case basis. :slight_smile:

Happy growing

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Perhaps it would be prudent to look into aquaculture. Hust a thought. :slight_smile:

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