Nitrogen toxicity? Jack's 321 users please

Wondering if this is N toxicity? Kind of looks like from what I’ve seen online since the leaves are curling down. The edges are also a bit deformed on the durban poison. Haven’t seen much about the lightening/discoloration beyond some references to TMV (tobacco mosaic virus) but I can’t image how they could get that…

Using Jack’s 321. Wondering if I should cut the part B down to 50% concentration for now?

Will be using Autopot system soon. Currently in the autopots but with manual watering to ~20% runoff +/-. PPM at 50% was ~500. Haven’t measured it now that I am at 100%. Will do that on the next watering.

Feminized photoperiod from Canuk. 1x strawberry cough, 1x durban poison.
Indoor, 2x4 grow tent.
Medium: ~75% canna coco (buffered), ~25% perlite
Nutes: Jack’s 321. Nothing for first week. 50% for weeks 2-3. 100% week 4+
Source water: tap, ~7.2pH, <100ppm
Lighting: LED, 1x240W
Watering: Add nutes, then pH. Water daily aiming for 20% runoff currently takes close to a liter (1 quart?) each.
Plants sprouted Jan. 17
First 3 photos are the durban poison, which I am primarily concerned about.

This is the strawberry cough.

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I see nothing that says N toxicity. Drooping is generally something that occurs around watering time or lights on/off. Nothing to worry about. Your plant looks fine.


Great, glad to hear it. I’m always over-worried about this stuff. No concerns about the deformed leaves?

Here’s another photo showing the curling better. They’re always like this, regardless of time of day or anything else.

Your plant is doing fine.


@fourtwenty4_20 just a shot in the dark but the one pic that has the most “deformities” looks like bite marks. Do you have a cat? Other than that they look great! Good job.

Meow, meow.:scream_cat:

LOL no cats here.

I had the same marks on some of my indoor starts, and found out I have one kitten that likes to chew on plants. Didn’t put it togather until I found her gettin’ into my Oreos!!! :sunglasses:

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What’s your ending PH after adjusting from the mixing nutrients?

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They look great to me, no need to cut ppm in half. Just keep making sure your ph goin in is right and get a little runoff it will be great

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I guess I should have said “check pH”. It turns out that when I add the jack’s 321 I end up with water at 5.8 so I haven’t actually had to adjust it. My tap water is around 60PPM. It goes into a 5 gallon bucket for a few days and I use a fish tank air pump as a bubbler. Whether or not that makes a difference is up for debate but I already had so I figured why not use it.

Perfect, when I mix Jacks my PH is the same :love_you_gesture:

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Same here. Using RO water my Jacks hits the 5.8 mark every time. I dont even check it anymore.
Wonky looking leaves are so common on cannabis I dont even care anymore. As long as coloring is good and there is no severe spotting I just let them ride. You can tell your plant is happy by how large your fan leaves are already. That is a great sign on plants.


Thanks for the input everyone. This is my first indoor photoperiod run. I grew a big one in my backyard 2 years ago. It was so wet that fall I found some bud rot, panicked and chopped it too early. Buds looked beautiful but it only got you high for 5 mins. It was 6’ tall and atleast 6’ diameter. Such a waste.