Nitrogen toxicity after feeding nutes


Also the foxfarm forest floor is a hot mix to start with and tons of nutrience you may just be giving them too much food? I am a newb so I could be wrong sorry you are having this problem it can be frustrating to see your flowers struggle
I hope you find the answers you need to fix this
Happy growing man


@Growit that is a definite possibility ive started plants in ffof and some didnt mind other did
I would still work on ph and stop feeding for now
@Cliffs as far as watering do not water daily and give soil time to dry out as @Myfriendis410 suggested maybe every other day


Thanks guys for the responses.

And a big sorry to Bob31 for my impatience.

I bought a pH meter and my pH was high going in as I checked the soil and they all registered 7 or higher (in the 7’s)
SO…flushed with adjusted to 6.5 tap water
After 2 gallons each, the runoff is 6.0 and i am happy for now.
I am going to hold off on nutes as that seems to bring on problems

Age of plants…

Started Sept 28 and put into flower light schedule 12/12 on Oct 30

I do like this forum a bunch, it has been the most helpful compared to others I have read.


You realize that you’ll have to pay us off in bud porn haha!


@Cliffs that bud porn would also wipe out the awsh!t from the other topic! lol we love pics here!

And were good. Lesson learned over and done. Now lets see some pics!


I wouldn’t recommend stopping the nutes. Are you getting nute burn or are your plants showing nutrient excess issues? You’ve got about 4 weeks left and not a good time to stop giving nutes. She will fly into deficiency quickly, especially after flushing the soil.



I’ll try to get some pics in the next day or two.


Definitely don’t stop with the nutes just yet. And be sure to tag us @Covertgrower so we don’t miss your response. Looking forward to your pictures. We all want to help. Sorry for missing your original post. @Cliffs



I learned a biggie from this exchange…PLAY TAG

Should I go with 1/2 strength nutes or full?



As promised:


I think most go with 1/4 or 1/2 strength to start


@Cliffs she looks pretty good actually. A little on the green side but I’ve seen worse. Based on your nutritional schedule in my opinion I think she needs more phosphorus the NPK number in the middle, and less nitrogen. Wait for @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Donaldj to chime in for their input as well. We’ll get her turned around, it really looks pretty good.


@VelcroThumb @Covertgrower

Agreed on less N

In the first pic that @cliffs posted it looks to me like the leaves are clawing? That is pretty indicative of Nitrogen toxicity. As is the extreme green color.

What feeding schedule do you use? Water feed water feed?

Water and feed to runoff.

FFOF is a nutrient enriched soils but after about a month they nutrients are pretty used up.


What feeding schedule do you use? Water feed water feed?

Been working out to every 3 days water but last 3 times I was feeding also…so go to w-f-w-f every 3 days should help?

They are dry but not desert dry…a lot lighter than when I water to runoff.


Yep but skip a day or two if they aren’t ready. Watering or feeding them when they are still wet isn’t good. Always water to runoff as that helps prevent any buildup in the soil

I never water on schedule, always check them and water when they are ready! Hope that helps. I would make the next one plain water and then start nutrients again. They haven’t gotten anything since the flush, correct? @Cliffs



Correct, I flushed a day ago and no nutes just adjusted pH water.







Gallon of pH 6.5 water each and will wait until Thursday to do another full water with 1/2 strength nutes.


@Cliffs sounds good.



All my plants have severe claw leaf after watering (see above)


I don’t see anything @Cliffs can you post the pic again.