Nitrogen or watering problem, please help?

Hi Guys,
This is outdoors 70days old Super skunk. Is this Nitrogen deficiency or watering problems? Should I up some of the nutritions if you can define what the issue is?

I’m still new to all this, but looks like a little burnt on tips and I’m not sure, but looks like black dots on few leaves.
I had a plant look similar and ended up having spider mite problem…look very close with jewelers loop on bottom and top of leaves and at node junctions.
Best of luck on your grow.

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water overdose symptoms are: yellowing leaves starting at the bottom.
try letting it dry out just a little then water less.

the rest of the plant looks good…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:


I’m just a newbie. But my outdoor plants due to my lack of knowledge had a serious nitrogen deficiency when I transplanted to pro mix in 7 gal airpots. Yellowing started at bottom and went up as the top sucked the nitrogen out of the bottom leaves. My leaves got yellow and crispy and very dead.
I think I have them back on track keeping up with their Nutes


Dried Borageleaves soaked in mildly acidic H2O.
That was my organic cure for a nitrogen deficiency.
It worked for a female friend. :wink: