Nitrogen issues 5th week flowering which nitrogen formula to give

Hi all,
I’m dealing with a 5th week flowering plant with several weeks to go. It’s currently experiencing a nitrogen def. as shown in the picture.
I have jacks classic 20:20:20, jacks Bloom Booster 10:30:20, Fox Farm Big Grow 6:4:4 and Easy Weed 1:2:18 at my disposal to use in the next feeding to combat the nitrogen deficiency. What combination, if any, and dosage do you recommend.
I was also considering an Epsom Salts treatment to help with the rootbound situation as well.

Thanks for any incite.
Be well…elliot

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Imo it looks like those are old fan leaves that the plant is getting ready to drop beautiful looking girl btw


Yeah, 5 weeks in you don’t need to be giving any nitrogen. Yellowing fan leaves is a good sign your plant is using up its nitrogen stores which is just what you want for a nice smooth smoke. Feed with a low nitrogen Bloom fertilizer like Big Bloom or Tiger Bloom. It’s gonna yellow more and you should yank those lower leaves off when they’re fully yellow. The rest will yellow gradually too. It’s all good.

She’s a little too light green in my opinion for week 5. I think you have the right observation. Contrary to popular belief, N is needed almost just as much during flower. I’m dealing with the same issue in week 5. @Cannabian advised me to feed a dose of Grow Big and to obviously continue to feed higher proportions of P and K throughout.

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It would be helpful if you would publish your current feeding schedule and tell us what medium you are growing in. Not enough info IMO to be able to help.

Hi all, new to the forum and not sure if I can start a new thread, but need some
Help with nitrogen issues and my plants. image image image image image

Fill out a support ticket. Give us the details to help you.

@Greenthumb443 I’m thinking the same with my plants. I didn’t get pics tonight but most of my plants are showing what I believe to be N deficiency. Do you mind if I tag you over on my journal to give an opinion when I get some pics?

Thise are grown outdoors, the temps may be cold, it could be fall? What do trees and plants do in the fall? If you want super green plants right to tge end, use comfry tea. Fill a 5 gallon pail half full with leaves and top up with plain water. Let stand for 2 to 3 weeks, strain out the rotted leaves… :warning: it will stink bad. Dilute this 10:1. This is the best natural fertilizer on earth. Do NOT use this straight up! Dilute 10 to 1. Do NOT get on skin… not healthy.