Nitrogen how much

How much blood meal should I add to a 5 gallon bucket?

iam pretty sure no more than 5 gallons ,:wink: youll have to be more pacific than that …

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are you adding it to soil??? if so what kind of soil ??? back yard? pro mix? fox farm ? peters ? need more info in order to help :>]

Using regular Scotts potting soil nothing special. I know plants love nitrogen but I don’t want to burn it up. It recommends 1 cup for each foot the plant is but its still a baby only 10 inches tall. Maybe will start with 3 cups and mix it well? With the soil in the 5 gallon bucket that is. It says on the bag 20% nitrogen and the bag of blood meal is 3 pounds and can cover 180 square feet

Also when I started the seed, it was in a 4 x 4 inch container and I added about a small hand full of blood meal to the soil and now a little over two weeks later it is 10 inches and going strong

Evidently nitrogen is the ticket. Don’t over do it

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Make it grow too fast?

Post a picture of the the plant

most likely if you add to much nitrogen itll just burn it if its to high in bloom it can lead to stretching .some times …H

Thank you.