Nitrogen defiency?

Im going into flower 2 and a half weeks. I recently switched to the rock nutrients, and using the fox farm additives. 2/5g strength did 3/5g once. Light is at 24in 85% str. Photobio phantom. Temp 75 to 80, humidity 55. I’m woundering if i should put a little bit of worm castings on it, they have nute burn a little bit on the tips so i didnt wanna up the strength. I dont think its light burn, but the light does make the plants look lighter green a little bit than they really are. No yellow leaves at the bottom has fell off. Bottom right runtz muffin, bottom left runtz layered cake, top two is cresendo rxb1. Thanks for any info!

If your tips are burnt I wouldn’t be adding anything. I don’t see anything that looks like a deficiency at this stage - perhaps better eyes than mine can weigh in but it doesn’t seem like you need to change methods. It all looks good from here.

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