Nitrogen defiency or nutrient burn?

Hi guys.

This strain is a Blackberry OG and is currently in veg stage. I use compost as my medium.

I noticed her older lower fan leafs are turning light green as well as showing some yellow colouration. The fan leafs also seem crispy and the stems are turning purple.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Location suggests deficiency as does the purple stems :wink:


Thank you for the quick reply. So basically all I will do is just increase my nutrient feeding schedule?


Make sure you are ph correcting your nutrients as well


Hard to tell from that angle but how big is your pot that it’s in?


She’s root bound for sure @TheMachine06


Bob I think that might be the case. I will transplant her to a bigger size pot tomorrow, because looking at her size vs the pot then I definetly suspect she could be root bound. Does root bound cause the very light green leafs and purple stems though?

Thank you to everyone for the quick responses. I appreciate it.


If the roots don’t have enough soil around them it can affect nutrient uptake. N seems to be one of the first affected when they are in smaller pots. If you have the room to let her grow then get her into a bigger pot. The yellow leaves won’t likely get better…

Are you using a nutrient enriched soil? Are you using nutrients?
How’s your water pH?



Its ph. Its from the bottom to the top . its ph. A plant is a reflection of it roots problems start at tip their like straws. The bottom closed up due to a alkaline base water. Now just a flush with media base ph and slide nutes from like 4 to 5 days from now. It will perk up. At least 10 gallons if in soil.

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Bob I use nutrient enriched soil and nutrients yes, but I do not check my water pH as I use tap water. I will post pictures of the soil I use as well as my nutrients. If I’m not mistaken my nutrients says it’s already pH balanced etc.

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@TheMachine06 it could well be cal-mag deficiency more on the Magnesium side. I buy my Organic nutrients in single bottles I mean like nitrogen on its own potassium phosphorus all on their own so I can’t treat whatever deficiency comes my way and I am learning a lot above the amount I have to use and hopefully be able to come up with my own ratio for deficiencies dreamer lol.


Planting into a bigger pot with let the roots stretch out and they will uptake nutrients better. Also, ph ph ph.


Before much more time has passed get a good ph meter because this is the number one fail with growers. Really.


What is the pH of your water? What pH are they balanced to? What is the pH of your growing medium? What pH is the best pH for your nutrients.

If you don’t match the water/ nutrient mix pH to your growing medium you will block the uptake of nutrients


Get yourself a ph meter and ph up/ down and calibration fluid. Maximum uptake of the nutrients to your plants means fat juicy buds for a minimal investment it is the single most important part (and most overlooked) of the grow!

Apera Meter

just ph meter

ph and tds meters

ph up & Down

1500ppm Calibration Fluid for TDS Meter

7.0 calibration fluid for pH Meter


I agree with @bob31 knowing the PH levels is one of the most important aspects of growing cannabis. It is easy to monitor and doesn’t take a lot of time and worth it in the end.