Nitrogen deficiency

I’m now battling a nitrogen def, originally it was diagnosed as a mag deficiency,

image but yellowing started at the bottom and is now midway and climbing, yellowing starts at the tips and moves back, general organics nutes, switching to bloom feed schedule changes the feed from bio thrive grow 4-3-3. To bio thrive bloom 2-4-4, , I’m only 11 days into flower, this is a white rhino, the other white rhino has sum yellowing fan leaves down low, but nothing to alarming as of yet, my other two plants are chocolopes and they are doing fine. So what do I do? Ph is 6.7 and feeding 100% nutes, or + to get it to 900ppm going in, 2 days ago I gave it a drink with 1 tsp per gal of Epsom salts, under the burple lights it looks way worse, there is more yellowing, the others don’t do that?

Should continue feeding veg nutes until your stretch is done. They need the nitro to perform the stretch

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Yeah they haven’t grown much since I flipped to 12/12, but they were in veg for around 12 weeks, I read that sum times a long veg will limit the stretch

Been doing sum reading, I’m wondering if this chocolope in its 3 gal soft pot is causing problems? Could I transplant it at 11 days of flower?

Pretty sure once you need to be in the final home once you flower. Transplanting now could cause enough stress to hermie

Ok, I’ll ride it out, next time 7 gal pots, first grow lots of learning, such as chocolopes tend to get quite big. Lol, plus I’m out of ffof soil.

I ran out too. Went to the hydro store to get more and they were out. Was talked into big rootz soil and so far I’m liking it. Safe from seed to flower and, like ocean forest, water only until flower or signs of deficiency. No need to add more peralite.

How much is it? If I use ffof again, and I prob will, I will add perlite, this soil gets hard, and sumtimes it takes a lot of water to get run off, one plant sumtimes it pisses right thru.

Its $45 a bag but they charged me the same as the OF, $33, since they didn’t have what I was looking for. I ran across the same issue with OF, compaction. Squeezing the pots when they’re dry, if you’re in fabric pots, helped loosen it back up. Also important to pre-water the OF before planting as it’s quite hydrophobic at first. That’s another thing I liked about this new soil, it’s not hydrophobic at all.

I experienced that kind of hydrophobia with Ocean Forest and Happy Frog. I started adding Raw Yucca with every feeding as a wetting agent, and it helped a lot. I’ve heard of others adding gypsum to their soil mix to help with it, as well.

What is raw yucca and where can I get it?

Ok found it on amazon, does it mess with ph, or nutes? Do you add it with nutes? Or just your watering?

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I add it both with just watering and feeding. I haven’t noticed much change in pH, but I haven’t ever actually measured before and after. You only use a tiny bit, so I doubt it adds many PPM either.

12 days into flower, think it’s too late to do any good?

12 to 14 days flowering they should be on flowering formula only.

Switching straight to flowering formula the same day they get 12/12 is not recommended, at least not by me.

Upon 12/12 I mix a soft version of my flowering formula I use 1/2 the amount of MPK for the first 10 to 14 days then 100% flowering formula until about the last week, I switch back to the lowered MPK and a more watered down mix to 1/2 strength. At the end they don’t need as much P, it’s already built up in the plant by then, lowering it at the end and lowering the overall PPM helps increase transpiration at the same time the watering is cut and that helps resin production. IMHO and my big fat wet juicy buds…

Every time I see the cost of soil I smile that I am in DWC.

I went by the feeding chart for gh, started at 25% and moved up from there, I’m not sure that this one is going to make it, nothing seems to slow the yellowing, under the purple lights shows the problems, but in nat light it doesnt seem that bad. image


, I gave it a shot of epson salts yesterday, we ll see what happens, it does look like a mag def, not nitrogen, also the soil seems to get pretty hard, ffof, I ordered sum yucca to add to the watering.

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NPK Industries is where I get my raw yucca. I also use all the time. It is a great wetting agent, removes excess salts from soils as well as provides better absorption at root zone, really helps in dry, hot, arid environments, does not change ph or ppm and a very little bit goes a long way.

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What is DWC? I know that’s probably a dumb question

No such thing!

It’s typically done in buckets or totes for home grows. Also recirculating deep water culture is used often with cannabis, where a separate reservoir contains the nutrient solution that is then pumped through all the plants roots vessels, then recirculates back into the reservoir.

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