Nitrogen deficiency or normal for stage of flowering?

The other plants are not exhibiting the same issue and some are as at along as this one (Tangerine). I know the plant will start to eat it’s old leaves as it gets further into flowering but I think this may be a little early for that?

Thinking lack of nitrogen, using FFOF and started light feeding with GH mico, grow, bloom 3 weeks after transplant and just today moved into 2.5, 1, 2.5 ml/gallon feeding.

Been flowering for… 3 or 4 weeks now so wondering if I just waited too long to add a regular amount of nitrogen to the schedule or what.

This one isn’t as bad. Different strain, purple trainwreck.


The lowers yellow anyway. Nothing alarming. Maybe bump up her N for another week or so before tapering back down.

I used to preach cutting N starting in the transition to flower but have learnd the importance of supplementing ENOUGH thru as last as week 7-8… definitely alot less. But keeps the colors green


Thanx, appreciate the feedback

No problem :ok_hand:t5:

@Sativafan I use fox farm three step she’s almost week 5 and stoped grow big 4 days ago


@PurpNGold74 u think I should reintroduce a lil N since the yellow leafs are so high it’s not like there the bottom of my canopy

Yep in minut doses. Are you pH’n properly? If not, she could have the needed N, just not have it available

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The leaves have some green coming back into them as of today. I doubled the N I’ve been feeding it for a few feedings now and I’ll probably go back to a little more than I’ve been using once they have green’d up a little more.

Edit… go back to a little more N than my regular dosage.

@Sativafan @Arrow what’s ur expected flowering time and age though like I said two days short of week 5 and I plant to start flush in about two and a half weeks the expected time for mine is as fast as 7-8weeks it’s also a hybrid clone so is all ready mature. With that information u really think I should add n this late? that’s why I’m hesitant

Pics a few days outdated there starting to get 20percent orange pistols so like I said another 3and a half weeks maybe 4 but they will be ready before the end of August :100:


I would not completely remove N out of the feeding, like @PurpNGold74 stated. In my opinion the plant will absorb what it needs from the leaves more readily, than from the soil…at this stage of flower… I would let the trichs guide my harvest time…:sunglasses::v:

Correction*** I’m not using grow big anymore the main source of N but it’s still getting tiger bloom so it’s still getting some N but significantly less

I have no experience with those products, what does the chart call for?..:sunglasses::v: