Nitrogen deficiency? HELP please

We are doing our first outdoor grow and I’m not sure what the plants are trying to tell me. We have waffle cone and gingerbread in fabric pots. Tried LST on one plant. They are in fox farms ocean soil. I believe they have been out there for about 8-9 weeks. We are watering hose water and rain. Not tracking ph. I don’t know how to check soil ph. Started getting yellowing on lower leaves and now those yellowing leaves are turning brown. Not easily removed. They are holding on so I am letting them be till I know what the problem is. Any help will be appreciated.


Have you fed them yet. I believe you are correct about nitrogen deficiency. They look hungry,FF OF is usually good for up to 6 weeks.

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We used some general hydroponic flora micro the last watering. But that was just yesterday. The rain here has been doing most of the work of watering.

I would say it definitely is hungry.

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Have you tried H2O2 in your water? Works wonderful for me