Nitrogen deficiency? Help needed please

Hi guys my White widow autos seem to have an issue.

To me it looks like a nitrogen deficiency

They are about 2 nearly 3 weeks in flower. My feed schedule is Power Bud nutrients 20-10-40 at 1/2 strength then just ph water.

Growing in coco perlite mix 70/30

Indoor grow. Temps around 24 and humidity is high at 68.

Does it look like nitrogen deficiency?

Should I flush? Just feed them yesterday so won’t need to water for a few days.

Any help and ideas to get me past this would be awesome :clap:

I would just water it a few times without newts what’s your ph

Once I add the nutrients I ph up to 6.3. Next time will test run off

Edit: Sorry I missed that it was in coco, I’m not really familiar with it, but Bondpacker’s right it’s probably a lockout from your pH being so high

Seems like theres plenty of nitrogen in your formula especially for a bloom booster. Do you know the ph of your runoff? I don’t grow in coco, never have but i know ph’ing your solution to 6.3 is too high for it. Treat it the same as hydro and ph your solution to 5.8 as its a completely soilless medium and should be treated as one, ph wise.
A high root zone ph could be causing nutrient lockouts/excess of other nutrients


Thanks @BondPacker will check run off and ph set to 5.8.

All good hopefully things start looking better for you :+1:

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