Nitrogen deficiency and/or solution

Leaves are yellowing. Late stages of veg stage.

Photosensitive seeds.

Ph in is normal.

Bag seeds.

Outdoor, in ground grow.

Not special soil…

Used cow manure once on them.

If it is a nitrogen deficiency, how can i solve it?

I have espoma chicken manure (3-2-3) or espoma flower tone (4-3-4). Both are organic.

Unfortunately i dont have anything predominantly higher in N.

I do have acess to most compost teas though. Please let me know what i should do

I believe you could top dress with worm castings, but I’m talking out of my butt having never grown outdoors. @Sittingbull64 @Sasquatch @FloridaSon all grow outdoors if my memory is working today. They’ll help out!


Either of these will work, but a worm cast tea would provide the nitrogen quicker.


Would a soil slurry test be of any benefit? Maybe a pH swing causing it?

slurry test?

not sure how a ph swing could have happened.

i did have a european corn bore problem though, so i hit with BT and out of rage dosed them in neem oil

Just a thought. I already said I’m talking out of my butt :joy:

Seriously though, just want to help :slight_smile:


i know… didnt say anything otherwise,

Cool. Were the bugs able to take hold, or you got them quick? Moth looking buggers?

the bores burrowed into the stems and i had to cut them out. found 7 of them in all. technically they are in the caterpillar family so BT works on them. I was really scared at first because i saw the holes where they entered but wasnt actually able to see what the cause was. it was a rellief upon finding out the cause and how i caught it early

i also found some white fly traces so i hit with neem oil, out of fright really


Right on. I’m trying to learn about outdoor growing in anticipation of having a space for a grow soon.


@amosmoses You can top dress with worm castings or bat guano or you can make a tea from either. Teas will give a quicker response but top dressing will give a stronger N content but takes longer. You will get more Nitrogen from the guano tea than the worm casting.
I would go ahead and top dress with some WC no matter what and give a bat guano tea. you can not hurt your plant with WC. Hope this helps… good luck with your grow
ps Chicken crap is slow acting and looooong lasting. Is the Flower Tone water soluble? it should be good to feed with

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I’ve found when growing outside, the time they transition from veg in to flower is when most issues will show up. You get thru that transition your on the down hill side of things…

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Seems that way indoors, too.

thats exactly where they are. just before preflower…

the flower tone also says slow release. the thing is i don’t want to buy anything else, but i have most holistic/household ingredients for a tea. Im thinking about wood ash, of coffee grounds.


If you are avoiding chemical nutes…fish emulsion is a good way to go.
It will be 5-1-1.

Adding manure without letting it sit for awhile is a good way to get burned. Manure…cow and especially chicken shit should be mixed in with soil and left to smooth out…before putting on plants.

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the cow manure is dehydrated cow manure and already decomposed. the chicken manure is too.

sounds like i would have to buy fish emulsion unfortunately.

i do also have a bag of espome 10-10-10, but it is not organic :frowning:

fish emulsion is liquid and will give goodies immediately. affordable as well.

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The store didnt have wc or fish emulsion so i got espoma blood meal (12-0-0).

im thinking of mixing that with a fast acting neptune organic seaweed (2-3-1) in a tea and then feed them tomorrow.

good idea to mix?

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Ive never used blood meal as a top dressing or tea. Bat guano is a great way to go in my opinion. It works in a tea or as a top dressing, worm castings too! . Coffee (liquid) is ok to use to drop your ph up to a half point (maybe )… Mix it 50/50. As a nitrogen source it really sucks


It looks to me like they are doing great. I think that those leaves that are yellowing are just part of the plant naturally aging. It doesn’t need them. I would trim most of that lower growth off. It’s only draining nutrient that could be going to the better part of the plant. Those bottom branches aren’t going to produce anything significant. Get that energy going to the tops to produce bigger colas. IMO.