Ninja Turtle canopy...well sorta


this outdoor gorilla glue is just thicker than a can of spam and not sure what or when to do…to it.
the main stalk and surrounding leaves and such are so tight and thick that you cannot see through it. this baby is just starting to flower after being in the pot for exactly one month. It is a clone that was $12.00 and such a deal
suggestions? leave it alone, thin it?


Wow, that’s an awsome little plant. I have friends that had one outdoors and it grew like this. They didn’t thin it and without the air flow through it they had to take it early because of bud rot. Their plant was seven feet tall and a lot deeper through so you may not have as much of a problem but theirs did bud much like yours with the tight leaf growth. I’ll bet yours is starting to get real sticky.


That looks like its gonna be one big bud. I hope you post more pics.


Interesting baby…


Really cool :slight_smile: