Nine weeks in and still having issues

@Joe44 I’m not trying to cause problems with anyone here so I wasn’t going to say anything but I had to come back and give you my opinion. Never ever flush living soil when growing in organic living soil you add nutrients to adjust if you have a problem. Flushing is for when you have salt buildup from salt based plant food. You will kill the living organisms and wash out the nutrients that you paid extra for when you bought your soil.

@Nicky I’m not doing this to cause a problem, I know that you know your stuff I’ve learned from you myself but this guy is doing a water only grow he’s not feeding plant food flushing would leave his plants no food

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I’m not gonna say anything more, I just hope the organic guys that were tagged earlier show up to help @Joe44

I used my furnace but it was summer and I just had that fan on that blowing in and exhausting the humid air out in same manner. It worked but so many issues arise from that. Have to install a baffle so it would only allow air to exit. I misunderstood what you were asking my apologies. Could I ask you to take a picture of the room in question? Like ceiling, all walls. I am a Macgyver of sorts when it comes to fixing and figuring stuff out. A visual would aid that.

Yeah you never want to flush living soil. Also if adding nutrients you cannot use chemical ferts in living soil as it will kill the organisms as well you will be using “teas” to recharge the soil from what I know. I used organic soil last grow just before flowering after using HF the first 2 months, but being in a hurry and not fully understanding what it was and how it functioned I read runoff two weeks after transplanting to it and it was like 9000 ppm I instantly rinsed soil(oooo boy what a waste of money) I used chem ferts to finish grow as I wiped out colony of microbes that help regulate feeding. Soil can be “hot” meaning its giving up too much nute strength for plants to handle. I haven’t experienced it myself yet but there was a bunch of posts awhile back about HF and OF being too hot and frying plants, not sure what issue was but it seems fine now. I am set to watch and help when I can. Cheers!


I woke this morning still thinking about @Joe44 with hopes that you didn’t flush your plants. I remember the name of the guy that I was saying could help out. @Skydiver with how to adjust ph in your living soil

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I will have to think on that. I really wanted to make organic work and I knowi can just need to work it all out. Thanks for your input. I do have a conversation going with the manufacturer of my soil.

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Dont worry I didn’t jump the gun and flush :wink:. I have a conversation started with the guy who makes the stuff I’m using and he said he was willing to help. But if others have suggestions I’m all for it.


Honestly I personally feel going through everything you do when you first start out serves it’s purpose in growing confidence(see what I did there? :upside_down_face:) Organic sounds amazing if you do it right. Cannot wait to see how it rolls once this grow is out of the tent. Then it will be me asking these questions lol.


For sure! I already have learned so much. The next run will be so much different and better I hope.


@Joe44. Same here. I’ve already started a list of things I’ve learned from the first half of my first grow. I just hope they make it through bloom!

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For real! Same here. My girls are so small but so old so I’ll be flipping soon and hoping for the best! Best of luck to you.


Just an update… per the manufacturer rec I watered just until I had enough runoff to capture with a ph of 6.0. The average was ph 6.4 and 2000ppm with very small standard deviation. Did have to water with 12 cups of water in order to get that runoff so they’re a little wet rn. So I’m going to up my calmag and keep watering with ph 6.5 using a commercial down. All I can say is I’ll be switching to something that doesn’t require me mixing like a chemist to get ph right.


Just get a good ph pen. Ph down is much stronger than ph up. Always stir in each added nutrient in well before adding anything else. I use Advanced nutrients its a 3 part grow mix(micro, grow, bloom) and it works wonders if you use hydro with its ph perfect stuff. I use that in soil like Hellraiser was and ro water and normally once all is mixed in it is 5.6 ph for 8 liters of feed water prior to me using ph up. 45 drops hits 6.5 every time I could go without the ph pen but after the other one died because of a bit of water getting inside and giving incorrect readings I am just not chancing it. But every single time its spot on. Again not sure aboit coco but always up to read, ask and learn.

Go organic. You use teas to recharge soil and is better tasting, no need to flush etc.

I’ve been using NLS, a living soil amendment but they still say to ph water to 6.5. I’ll be looking into other setups soon because I’m having more problems now too. Grr

Hey all. Been super busy and haven’t had much time to post. They were all doing much better for a week or so then I went and transplanted them into their final 7g pot. After about a day or two they look like shit again. Everyone of them has brown spots between the veins on some or most of the fan leaves and new growth will be showing it soon. It totally looks like a calmag issue. I’m adding 2t/g of roots calmag in ro or dehumidifier water ph’d to 6.5. I just did a mini flush on my worst looking one and it the results were ph 6.6 and 3300ppm. So my ph is good does that mean I just need to add in more calmag? This is getting progressively worse.

I’m looking more into vpd as my temps at canopy were about 82 with lights on and 73 with lights off with my dehumidifier set to 55. I was way high at 1.7. I’m lowering my temps a bit to see if I can make it better and moving way more air. Right now its at 75. Going to see how it stabilizes over the next few hours. I’ve also moved the lights further away to about 26in.

Any and all suggestions welcome just can’t say I’ll implement them all since I do want to keep using organic practices. I will be switching to ph’d filtered well water soon too. Hope that doesn’t throw another wrench. Thanks a mil guys!

@merlin44 @Holmes @MeEasy @Nicky @ValiumZ @patchman @budbrother and anyone else you guys want to tag on my disaster of a first run.

Hi @Joe44 I have to say that just looking at these they are having root issues either the roots are sick or over/under watering they both look the same. Which is the drooping. The water you are using is what (please include what ph it is without any additives) ? I’m sure you have told us already I don’t recall what you are using. What exactly are you using for ph up n down? Some of these products will harm the critters in your soil we need to make sure this is not happening. Chlorine do you know if you have chlorine in the water you are using? Plants need trace amount of chlorine but I mean trace. Have you allowed your soil to completely dry? Living soil can not get completely dry.

I just transplanted and the roots looked good. They were all reaching to the sides and bottom of pot and white. I just started using the dehumidifier water (stupid me) since its supposed to basically be the same as ro but the ph before adjustment is 5.5-5.4. I’ve been using a very small amount (less than 1/32t) baking soda to bring it up to 6.5. I dont think I’ve been over watering but I waited one more day before watering again and they look way better this morning. The most that’s dried out was the edge of the fabric pot. Here’s a pic of them all. I don’t think they look too bad now except for the dying leaves.

I was getting some help from NLS but he hasn’t responded lately so maybe he’s had enough. The air flow in my room is much better after adding another large fan and some smaller fans to help cool the lights. The room is now ~78° but leaf temps are at least 83°. I already raised my lights a bunch but maybe I need to more. Let me know if I missed some info you were looking for.@MeEasy

They do look unhappy. Was the soil different in the 7 gallon pot than what she was in before? Its not a disaster. I am going to leave the diagnosing to some of the seasoned growers. I am still not where I want to be with that. She doesn’t like something in her new home. The growers can help get this sorted and you will be back on track. Gook luck, peace…