Nine weeks in and still having issues

  • 2 huckleberry fem 10 valley girl reg
  • Method: nature’s living soil
  • Vessels: 3g fabric
  • PH of Water 6.5-6.6 RO w calmag
  • Indoor
  • Light system 2 es300
  • Temps; 74 day 70 night
  • Humidity; set at 55
  • Ventilation system; none - sealed
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, mini split and 120pint ideal air deh
  • Co2; not needed yet

So with the above details here are a few more. Had major problems the first five weeks with over watering then under watering in just roots organic soil. With some advice from here I repotted into 1g fabric pots with ffhf and they improved greatly. I was extra careful with watering and pretty sure I had it down. After three weeks (12/21) I repotted again into 3g with the NLS according to their instructions and added some worm castings too. Watered with ro and calmag ph of 6.6 4cups. Five days later they still dont seem to need any yet. They did wilt quite a bit at first but after two days perked back up. I also topped them about a week before transplant. Then two days ago I forgot to empty the deh and it was hot and humid in there. Yesterday I go out and some of them are looking tyedye and have brown spots on them. Lights are 33-36 in away. The co2 has been high all on it’s own without supp (1200-1600) but right after transplant it shot up to 3300-3600. Now it’s back down but still pretty high and cannot figure out the cause since there is nothing burning in there. So many changes in the last week it’s hard to tell. Here are some pics. I feel like I should be on the road to flip lights soon but they are only ~6in tall. Any ideas welcome. Also… did I mess up when topping. There is more than one node coming out the split.

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You appear to have several issues. Insure that the pH of your water and nutrient solutions are in the correct range for your medium. I must go for a while but will tag some folks that know what they are doing. @Covertgrower @imSICKkid @Holmes @MattyBear There are many others but this will get you started.


Thanks @merlin44 I don’t know who to tag. I already bothered @Holmes a lot!


Reading over your post it seems a little perplexing for me. I would think you need some ventilation exhaust to exchange the air in a sealed environment. At minimum you need an oscillating/ circulating fan inside. @Covertgrower @CoyoteCody one of these guys will come along to help

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I do have an oscillating fan and the only air exchanged is when I go in and out the room. I’ve checked the co2 outside the room and it’s normal. I’ve calibrated the sensor and its spot on.

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The point of a sealed room is to seal it so there is no air exchange. I couldn’t get enough ventilation out the room if I wanted to clear it that’s why I went with sealed. There isn’t much info out there but I went with everything I needed according to people who have done it before.

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@Myfriendis410 can probably offer advice on sealed environment

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What is the runoff numbers telling you? If you havent gotten any runoff numbers I would suggest you do that first and foremost. The soil looks too dry, you never want it to dry up like that. Always keep it moist but not soaked. What nutrients do you feed them?


You may need a designated fan to air exchange.

I dont ever water to runoff since I’m using a living soil method. I just water until I see a little come out the bottom of the pot tho now with the pot being too big I dont water as much because it would be too much. I’m about to just scrap this method and go to using nutes so I can better gauge what is going on. My soil always looks that dry a day after water. When I stick my finger in it it’s still pretty wet a knuckle or two down.

I suppose I could hook up one fan to exhaust air but I dont think I can make a complete air exchange system work where I am. I thought this was a viable option. I sunk quite a bit into this to make it work but clearly something isnt.

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What’s up Joe44? When did you water last? They have at least grown quite a bit and have some green in them. Try and be on here everyday for a couple weeks if possible and let us know what you are going doing to them.

Hey! I last watered when I transplanted so six days ago. I’m just watering them now with molasses added to help activate the microbes in the soil. I’m not sure how much I’ll add yet but not as much as last time. I probably waited too long to water but the soil felt like it still had a lot of moisture near the top. I’ll go more by weight in the future. I do keep a lot when I do anything or make changes but I can report here too. Thanks so much for your help.

I’m guessing my best looking one is male. Agree?

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Does look funny but I don’t really see any sacs yet, looks different than any I have ever seen for some reason! I won’t cull one till I am 100%!

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I’m afraid they’ll all herm since they went through so much stress in their early days. I’ll keep watch and hopefully they’ll show in a week or so. I have two that have zero preflowers. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself but since I’m so far along already should I plan to keep them in these 3g and flip soon or should I wait even longer and transplant into my 7g then flip?

I would TP 2-3 weeks before flip, some people may do it same day I don’t know! I like to see them take off after TP and then move to flower and get the stretch! Even if they do hermie you would still have smokable weed and some buds may not have any seeds, main issue would be pollinating your other plants

So I’m actually at 8 weeks not 9 - 57 days since seeds were dropped. If I were to tp again it would be in about 3 weeks right? That would be 4 weeks after the last tp. Then wait another week or so to flip? So an additional 4 weeks or 28 days for a total of 75 days in veg. Seems like a lot but they really didn’t start growing til the fourth week or so. Or I just wait another week or so and then flip while keeping them in 3g. They aren’t growing fast at all but maybe these next few days/weeks will make a difference with proper watering. I want to move my lights closer but I’m nervous they’ll burn them. How do you all decide when to move them closer?

@imSICKkid you say the soil is too dry on top but if I dig my finger in there the moisture is still pretty high at least two or even one knuckle down. Should I be spraying the medium to keep is moist or should I add a mulch or something to keep it from drying out as fast? Totally new and green so any help is much appreciated!

I’ve never ran a living soil but one person I’ve watched who had success with it always kept hay or some sort of covering on the top of the soil. That’s gonna be a judgement call for you though.

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