Night temps in the 40's

I am growing White Widow autoflower in pots, the night temps have dipped into the low to mid 40’s.
I am bringing in at night just in case, am I worried about nothing or can these plants take those temps?
Day time highs have been in upper 50’s to 80.

You’re doing the right thing. They’ll survive in the 40’s just fine, but they won’t thrive either. The daytime temperatures are most important. Anything below freezing is never good.

Yes I am fighting the cold nights also. Going to dip into the 30’s next week here. My girls need some warm sunshine.

Sounds like here. I’d be doing the same but I’m still a little worried there’s not enough daylight yet to keep mine from flowering but you’re growing autos so no worries there.

I just started my autos for outdoor the other night.

Temps under 50f will basically stall the plant. They slow wayyyy down and don’t grow/flower much. Warming up during the day helps, but it takes hours for them to get going each day. Bringing them in during cold temps is a good idea, (as long as you have no worries about contaminating indoor plants).

Thanks everyone for the replies. Plants seem to be doing good. They are only 11 days old from seed and look good.
Hurry up and get warm please!

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Not growing indoors this year so not worried about contamination,

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That is what I thought thank you,

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Good luck with your autos, I have found that the best to grow with the least amount of stress for the grower. Thanks

Seem to be doing well on day 20 from seed.

Yank that grass!

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Not grass it is garlic for pest protection.

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I don’t think the cooler temps hurt too much, bringing indoors helped I think. This is 4 weeks from seed.

I think all is well on day 34. what is your opinion?


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Last pics going to post thriving and flowering at 39 days.

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I lied , one more . I am proud of this beauty!

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Question: Is this ready for harvest?

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Nope, too many white pistils, looks like mid-flowering, you still have about 3-4 weeks to go.

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The pistils are turning amber and lower fan leaves are starting to turn yellow ( not from lack of water or elements, have been using ILGM’s fertilizers ) and the the little things on the leaves ( forgot what they are called ) are milky white. I have always thought those were the signs to harvest. This plant is an auto-flower and is 8 weeks old.Thanks for your input.
I will let them go another week or 2.

Yeah 8 weeks can be the flowering time, so if an auto starts flowering at say 4 or 5 weeks old, then a typical flowering time of 8 weeks, total grow time til harvest would be 12-13 weeks if not longer, which fits my assessment of 3-4 weeks to go to be in the harvest window, but harvest early if you like. Yes I see some of the pistils starting to change color but still a lot of white pistils from the little I could see from your pics.