Niemi LED out of business?

Bought an HLG 550 R Spec knockoff from an outfit called Niemi LED back in I think Aug or Sept of last year. Had a bit of an issue fulfilling the order but eventually it arrived. Works great, super bright, same EXACT specs as the HLG unit, except it comes prewired with an outboard rotary dimmer for easier brightness adjustment. This I like. My indoor garden has nearly outgrown the 5x5 tent under this light at 75% brightness. I don’t understand why HLG/Spider Farmer etc don’t implement a feature like this. They can be adjusted, but my understanding is you have to dismount the driver to access the dimmer pot underneath and use a screwdriver. Inconvenient for fine tuning output.

Was thinking about another tent, tried to hit up the Niemi LED website. 404!!!

Not surprised, yet disappointed nonetheless. Anyone else here know anything about it?

I suppose I’ll get a Spider Farmer SF-4000 and wire an outboard dimmer into it but dang. What gives with this here today gone tomorrow BS? Annoying

The spot you dim on the Meanwell driver is on the top. Well it is for the 260xl rspec and I don’t have to dismount it to do this and I grow monsters.

OK, but dimmer pot access is not consistent throughout the range from my understanding. I’d rather a toolless method anyway like a knob to turn instead of having to use a screwdriver, less craning over the fixture and just easier brightness adjustment overall.

If you get a driver that ends in B, it has a wire pigtail that you can add a dimming potentiometer. The A’s have the onboard pot that needs adjustment with a screwdriver


Aha! Yuda man. I like clarity.

And if wanted you can run wire outside the tent for the Dimmer even if the driver is inside the tent.

Doing some research, I can build one with the exact parts sourced off the bay & Amazon. Not difficult at all.