Nicotine tea for powdery mold & flies?


…been searching watching and reading everything and anything to help my dad out on his crop… He acquired Nats and mold :confused:
We want a more natural remedyGreen on green… :wink:
Anyways… I read about a nicotine tea mix to cure the bugs but what about the mold? Can or does anyone know or have used this method ? I have searched and read …to never use nicotine with the plants because it poisons to the weed… Then I heard it works…
But haven’t really seen any videos or ending results on the process…

The plants are in its beginning budding stage…

Thanx in advance if there is anyone out there who I can make contact with on this issue :smiley: :roll:


For pest problems you can use a spray made from garlic or hot peppers. There are plenty of sites that you can check out that deal with this.

Mold is another problem all together, First to correct the mistake that might have caused this. If you are growing inside, most of the time mold is a product of spraying the leaves of the plant, and the plant does not dry fully before the lights go off. Another cause is poor ventilation. The heat from the lights can evaporate the water and turn your grow room into a sauna. Mold only grows when the humidity is over 15% for a period of time.

As far as saving the grow right now, that is a choice you will have to make. The mold will die if you keep the humidity down, but the spores are there for keeps. Taste will be sub par, but the spores that you take in are really not any worse than what you are exposed to in nature anyway. That being said, if this is going to be ingested by anyone with health problems it could be bad. Personally I would scrap the grow and start over because of the mold. I grow for medicinal reasons, and some of my patients are imuno compromised. Plus I would not want my name associated with a poor quality product.

Sorry about the problem.
Learning comes at a price