😺. Nicky's Autopot Coco Experiment😺

Man, I would welcome a week or two of sitting on my ass, but five might be overkill. Sorry to hear about the mandatory down-time. It’s like when you’re home sick from school with unlimited access to the TV, but there’s nothing good to watch or when there is, you can’t focus on it anyway.


U can’t get comp or something to cover some of the funds that’ll ease her mind.

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Wasn’t work related and I’m a contractor. I’ll sti pay my bills her minds at ease 6 years I’ve covered almost everything. I’m in my head maybe more than anything…

So I dropped a seed


Nice. I need to get on the ball and send Brian them seeds. He may get them and be like screw it let’s try them out. I’m getting to the point I just wanna run fem seeds anymore as regs seem to turn male on me alot. Lol


Get the DNA test kits, 10$ a test.

Clones are growing but no tail on the seed yet.


I spend 10 more. Sucks per seed to grow and my wife will kick my ass she says I spend enough money and time on the plants already. Lol.


LOL, I am constantly telling my self. I have enough stuff. Now quit spending. Then find another amazon delivery at my door shortly after :laughing: I am looking at getting some 2 gallon pots now. I am going to wait and see how the 1 gallon plant in the closet works out first though. I see a nice root sneaking out of the 1 gallon in the veg tent and it is barely 2 weeks old.


I just this second ordered 2x 30w monkey fans for my 3x4 tent.
I picked up a new pump for my reservoir earlier in the week and now I’m realizing I stole my greenhouse light so I’m going to need something to keep the clones alive when I cut them in a week or two before I flip the plants to flower


Lol, I don’t think it’s ever gonna end!!!


I was doing pretty good for about a year but now things are being replaced that have worn out.

I will need a new microscope eventually to but that’s it for needs, want is a source turbo

I did some more supercropping, the front right plant is a runt and this experiment is having no clear winner…


Look out!! Bo$$man on the prowl!!
Never supercropped before but it’s on the short list!

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I love it so far.
Just put a stem between your fingers and gently roll it back and forth more and more until it goes limp. Then do it with the whole branch and in a couple days it bounces back… Do it a couple of times and bam thick beefy stems.
It also slows down vertical growth allowing your plants to get bushier and thicker with bigger roots while not getting mad lankey.
Unfortunately it’s not something I can regularly do as I work away but since I’m injured at home its possible.

It’s not something ide do much on an auto I think though…

This grow is not a rush though so I’m going for a good yeild, so I plan to super crop and wait till plants are another foot tall then I’ll flip.

Bossman is always on the prowl when the tent opens, his favorite spot in the house is the grow room floor


Looks like Bossman is checking out your work LOL.

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Sorry your are injured brother, here is to a speedy recovery brother.

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Hope you get back to your normal self soon. :seedling: :dash: :sunglasses:


Sorry to hear you’re on the injured reserve. Me too, just had back surgery. Best of luck getting healthy! Super crop sounds good, thanks for the rundown!!!

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Thanks fam

I got word yesterday they plan to pull these wires out of my hand with pliers and I shouldnt be in pain since they are drilled into my marrow… Does not sound comfy but I’m stoked to know I won’t have a bunch of metal in me for the rest of my life. My dad who is a retired dentist told me it’s smooth titanium or stainless steel, if they want things to stay in the body they generally use titanium that’s micro etched by a lazer so our body can grip onto it better and bond to the surface.

The knowledge inside my 80 year old fathers head since he lives on a farm, is a doctor and has traveled the world yet grew up in crazy times since he was born in 1942 astounds me on a regular basis. He doesn’t even know how to google but man he’s a wealth of information.

Okay so the mother is inside and her tray is on, spider tried to make a nest in one leaf so I trimmed it and tossed it before the eggs hatched.
Humidfior is on and we are awaiting 2 major deliverys… That’s right two!

@dbrn32 @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 @MattyBear @Not2SureYet @Graysin
I pulled the trigger on my final light I’ve been wanting. A kingbrite 320xl 3500k with reds, no uv or Ir and I went with epistar reds rather than Cree & LG because I really don’t think I’ll notice enough difference to justify the cost.

This means finally my 4x5 will have 2x 320xl"s (hlg v2 300k no reds & kingbrite 3500k with reds) so I can move my 240w back into my 3x4 tent allowing it to have 2x 3500k kingbrites with cre reds and LG uv/Ir.
Then my amazon 120w 301b with no reds can go back in my greenhouse allowing me to keep a clone alive of the Inzane and the girlfriend wants to plant some lettus and herbs, for this we plan to use autopots coco mats as they are really enjoyable to use.
She may start growing edible and magic mushrooms this winter as she gets bored.

So here is the mother, I super cropped her a bit just now but this is all natural growth since being outside for a month in summer.

Here we have the order just made for the new light and we await two 30w monkey fans to blow on this girl as she’s on 12/12 now


Very nice!

I still love my KingBrites. One day I want to get the bar-style lights. As it stands I can’t reasonably expand my grow any more without risking a divorce :rofl: I already have a full bedroom, a full closet, an entire fridge and a stand-alone freezer dedicated to all my weed shit. :joy:


Always a good feeling to have equipment on the way!


Yes this wasn’t an expansion it was a deficiency fix.
I have the largest bedroom In the house dedicated to all the grow stuff and half the closet…and top rack in the freezer for fresh frozen lol.
Between my growing area, storage, pressing, bud storage, bowl trimmer, hash washer, rosin press, grow tents, etc… I’m glad my girlfriend doesn’t push me to put it all in storage so we can have a guest bedroom lol.
Gotta get a 4 bedroom house when we buy that’s for sure, master, grow, office, guest… I tried today 3 big rooms and have a Murphy bed but I think that will be a tough sell.
We will start looking next year or the year after. I also won’t buy a lot that is cookie cutter close to another lot nor will I buy one without a front driveway and I’m looking for possibly garage in the back with driveway in front that goes beside the house to the back garage.
Sell the mobile and upgrade so we can get to retirement with no lot fee and a house that will have saved equity for when we get old and downsize to an apartment or mobile where we own the lot.