😺. Nicky's Autopot Coco Experiment😺

I really like the way you think brother. Those skills even when rusty are worth more than most will ever realize. Also, having a small group of like minded individuals/ families (in my case) is absolutely invaluable.

I grew up relatively poor. We hunted and gardened out of necessity, learned to make due with what we had and repurposed many many things over the years. As I grew into my teens I hated it so I avoided doing anything of the sort until my late 20s. Now I’m 35 and fully back into it. Large gardens, wild game is almost exclusively what we eat. Constantly tinkering with motors, hydraulics, electrical, forging blades and tools. Foraging wild edibles, canning, curing and smoking various things. Lol. Hell, both my daughters can consistently put shots on target from any firearms we own (as a family) out to 300 yards with long guns. They help process all of our food and any food for our dogs and cats that we make.

We live in a small development of around 250 homes and out of all of them, we are very close with only a few ppl. Those few have added valuable skill and knowledge to our abilities and have joined our shtf plan. We don’t have large tracts of land by any means, most under 1/4 acre. We still manage pretty well. This winter our area was hit really bad with an ice storm and we lost power for 6 days. All roads were blocked by downed trees and wires. Not even the fire department could get in for the first 4 days, but not one person in our group was unprepared for lasting 30+ days.

There’s a lot of things in this world to prepare for and it’s very difficult to possess the knowledge needed to survive a shtf scenario “alone”. I’m a firm believer in small groups of vast knowledge and skill can overcome a lot more than the average person can alone. :v:


Everything you said you speaks so true to my values. I’m glad your group was prepared, because things like that happen.
We are vastly unprepared for most things right now but that’s because we live in such a small dwelling. We are in the save up and buy a place that works for us and our future type phase but that’s how we want to be spending our free time is doing those skills and enjoying it.

I have good news the mother is flowering well, seems so early to be so far along its been k. Flower just over a month and looks to be ripe almost but I didn’t look at tricombs so I’ll do that in 2 weeks or so when I’m home.

I was able to take the clone that survived and attempt another 6 clones. So fingers crossed.

The clones are under a dome and rhe girl should be able to check the daily so I have a good feeling about this, I can cut more if some die but I did 6 in the hopes 4 live.

Time will tell, I only got 3 days off work and I’m headed north now

So maybe just maybe by year end I’ll have an opiniom on coco vs coco perlite lol.


Looking good Bro.

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That mother plant is looking hella forsty, I love it.

Things are looking great Nicky! Good luck with the clones, you got it this time!

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Thanks guys!
Yeah this strain is meant to be a 28-32% thc sativa, by ethos genetics and no seeds are sold anymore. Inzane in the membrane its called.

Fingers crossed the clones do well, stoked to the mother plant though when she’s done that’s for sure. Hope she bulks up a bit more.
I’ll keep everyone posted.


Clones are starting to perk up.

Their parent is looking a little hurting but we will see what happens, tossed it outside for now.

Small potted garden going in our deck, two of each: tomatoes, broccoli, chives, cucumbers (for dill pickles), lettus, kale, dill, celantro, Basil…


@Myfriendis410 looking for this guy?


You’re just rubbing it in haha. I did have one come in that one night I sat the stand but he never gave me a good shot (archery).


This guys was soaked, and road side like right beside my door almost but he ran away by the time I came to a stop and focused my phone camera.

I don’t see them alot…

With the amount of humans on this earth I don’t know why we can’t get a draw for hunting wanted criminals. That would be a much more enjoyable hunt Imo, and if we could bait them as long as we followed certain guidelines I think it would be much more thrilling then hunting a hungry bear hoving in the air or running down a deer /moose on a sxs or quad only to jump off and shoot it 2seconds later.

Human vs animal is not even fair anymore, did you see there is smart scopes that adjust for wind, elevation, bullet weight, powder weight etc etc… They are letting people with little to no training each out to like 800m its nuts


Looking goid man. Boss man looks super happy

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Okay today is day one of drying but as I write this I’m already up north 7 or so hours away from home… I got 3 days.

I have the humidfior running in the tent and the AC T6 controlling the exhaust fan for my preferred humidity setting (65% I think maybe 60%) I’ll keep it there for 2-3 days and then drop it by 5% every 3 days this will encourage a slow dry. I’ve done it a couple times before but still perfecting this technique. My normal roll humidity is 20% so it dries my buds way to fast.

The plant

The pile (remove big leaves toss in spin pro trimmer)


Didn’t take a pic after, had to go to work the next am. I’ll grab a weight and final pics when I’m home later.


Got a question: can you run 4 autopots off of one rez? I have about a 10" drop from rez to trays.


Of course bud, that’s how the system is setup, you could run 1 or 100. The X in the equation is how frequently you’ll be topping up your rez, so size accordingly. A 10" drop is plenty, its a gravity feed setup, needs very little static pressure.


@Myfriendis410 I’m currently run 6 grandaddy purples in autopots. I have the 12 gallon rez sitting on a 5 gallon bucket for head. My first coco grow so I’m having some “growing” pains but the system is working fine. I think I’ll like it once I get used to using a growing medium rather than pure hydro.


Yes, no problems I often run 4-5.

Biggest thing is the autopot instructions say keep your reservoir bottom above the top of the autopot trays. I recommend 6inches above that minium. Mine is above 3ft to provide good hydrostatic pressure, pro is less chance for clogs because more pressure but the con is if you forget to secure your valves down to your tray fully your leak will leak alot faster (this can also be a pro because it’s easier to spot a faster leak)

I do recommend the pump or wave maker inside the reservoir for a timer for 15 minutes or so every 2hr as well.

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Yeah, I’m a big fan of wavemakers over air.

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Yeah, I advise against air because that air breeds bacteria and thus smeg or algae.

I currently am not using either because I’m broke and my system is still growing so meh lol but maybe next time the grow as some influx of capital.
Brian convinced me to buy 25lb of Jack’s a while ago and I’m glad he did, then I bought a new fan for inside the tent and a new ph /tds meter so all the money was spent.
Next will be a pump or two, a bag or two of coco and probably one more fan.


It never ends…


It goes on and on my friend…

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I run 4 from a 25 gal rez. The 12gal rez would do fine; you’d just have to refill more frequently.


I run 6 on a 5gal Rez. It’s absolute stupidity but it works. Refill every other day. :joy: