😺. Nicky's Autopot Coco Experiment😺

Thank you everyone, waking up to read these comments is huge. Love all the love and the family vibe here at ilgm as always.

Okay I’m off to do a course and Grab my dad from the airport in Edmonton.


Congratulations to the girlfriend man


Congratulations, I am always wishing the best for you and her. Your more mature then most people
twice your age. You have always had my respect as a grower, provider, and friend. Your curiosity, grace and humility will make you successful in any endeavor. Peace and love brother. :green_heart::pray::v:


Thanks everyone it was an amazing day.
She’s on the left with white dress white hair.

Okay so turns out my PH20 meter from aphera that lasted 3 years was a year over life expectancy (and I wasn’t storing it with liquid so thst probably shorthanded it’s life span lol) but I was super happy with it and ordered a new one that has a changeable probe.

I knew my meter was off but not much I could do until I talked to the manufacturer and made sure I had to buy a new one, then waited for it to ship in. So it’s likely this whole clone grow my meter hasn’t been working correctly even though I calibrated it.
My PH in my reservoir, that I use to also water the clones, was at 6.8 rather then 5.8

Yeah sooo we are back on track now although may take another try or at least a week or two in order to get things back growing healthy.
Lol plagued by delays this last year and a half but I’m ironing out some kinks while never being home so meh…
Keeping up with replacing broken or aging things is getting expensive and the crops arnt being sold so it makes it hard.

However good news and hopefully more to come.


Huge congratulations again Nicky!


Did not know they made one with interchangeable head. Will have to check it out. Thats awesome brother happy for yall! Tell her congratulations from ILGM :sunglasses::wink:


Just got caught up with your journal - and first, congratulations to your girlfriend for a great achievement! Also to you for being her support throughout. When I met my husband, I was broke as hell though already a teacher (bs with the wasband, unfortunately). He was my rock while I was getting my MS which I did on line while teaching full time. I went year round and knocked it out in 2 years.

It feels like a long, bad dream now but over the 14 years we’ve been together, things have just gotten better and better. Same will come to you. (I’m 63 this past Wednesday, btw.) Best wishes for you both, and your plants too! :wink:


You got your MS, good for you!

Yeah she will be getting hers in nursing, I hope she doesn’t end up pushing for med school like she sometimes thinks. A masters online to become a nurse practitioner is enough at our age.
The debt load of being a doctor vs the payout in our country wouldn’t make sence I don’t think since we would be mid 40’s by the time she grads.


I kind of had to (get the MS) as all teachers in PA are required to educate up to that level. I also have an additional 30 grad credits above the MS.

I don’t think people have a clue how much education a teacher has to get, and it never ends, the entire career.

I think the MS in nursing would be good - it would set her up for administration if she wished to go that way - Nurse Practitioner is also a good tack, as is Nurse Anesthetist. (I really like the last one - the patients get really quiet really fast!)


She’d get more bang for her buck going to Physician Associate School! Med School is a WASTE (this is coming from personal experience).

Nurse Anesthetist and Physician Associate don’t really have roles here in Canada to my understanding unfortunately.


Ah, too bad. But you do have Nurse Practitioners. I actually often prefer to see them than MDs, they tend to listen better. One I went to for years was an excellent diagnostician.


As someone in healthcare… I understand
My dad was a dentist, I’m a paramedic and my girls now a nurse. Every year we have to submit credits to keep our licenses that are obtained from courses and conventions, along side staying up with changing protocols and the latest information in a huge range of topics.


Ick. Absolute same, though. 23 credit hours of we-don’t-trust-you-to-keep-up-on-your-own-profession BS every single year.


Bossman had me and the wifey build a catio.

One clone is happy and almost to the point we can cut 4 clones off it, the rest of these fabric pots are veggies.

Doctored up the old mother, had some extra time off work.

Made some new handles for the buckets out of these junk they call garden hoses (lasted a couple months)


Haha good to see you update brother! I bet bossman loves his “catio” haha :smile: thats awesome! I take my lil dude on rides with me and he just meows the whooooleee time haha, but he loves sitting out on the windowsill, i should build one :laughing:.