😺. Nicky's Autopot Coco Experiment😺

Where do you get you clones from, if you don’t mind me asking?

My local grow store guy, I buy gear off him and have for over 2 years now so he trusts me.
I bring him my weed to, he gives me free samples and stuff it’s a good relationship


Next Sunday I’ll go grab the clones, but for now I still have one beautiful lady thanks to @MattyBear.

She was flipped a couple days ago, staring her sretch, VPD is good and light is maxed at 240w.

Nit much else to show, bossman’s munching some cat grass, he keeps wanting to see in the clones tent but I told him it’s a sad sight. He insisted so I cleaned up their dead bodies tonight, turned the lights and fan on just to dry out the pots.


Should fill up the tent with the stretch!


Wonder what it will smell like… It’s going to be turned all into rosin.





Tell me that’s really Nickys Bossman and yall made a meme out of him??? Hahahaha what a king!! My cats the king of the house too haha

I know it’s not real btw :wink:



Man you guys make me wanna switch to cats lol


Cats are awesome.

@ConcreteBudz rub his belly! He’s showing you he trusts you

In today’s world you cna get an automated litter box (if you care I don’t), automated feeder for dry food (bossman gets dry and wet because straight wet is to expensive and cats don’t always drink enough water so long term kidney issues in old cats is common for cats but can be reduced this way, and a water fountain that has good storage and a filter.

Then your cat can just chill at home and doesn’t need to go out all the time, as long as you have a couple windows open, buy a squirl proof bird feeder and place it near a window.
Cats are happy.

It’s key to spay or neuter at the right young age to avoid mail cats spraying though, once they spray they may always spray but not all do.

Know your cat breed before you adopt and their tempermant / facts. Bossman

My old cat, George, was a standard American shorthair and he lived to be 21 before he started having seizures.

My brothers cat, didn’t live long, adopted her and then a roommate let her out and she ate something and died in the neighbors garden.


Hahaha believe it or not that’s the ONLY time he attacks you. If you rub his belly for TOO long I can get away with it for few seconds but anyone else scratch right away. Playful scratch but we know he don’t really like the belly or the back by his butt scratches haha. Otherwise he HAS to lay next to me if I’m home. He’s a daddy’s boy. He listens to me the most too. Also showers with me.

My buddy has one and it SUCKS. His house stinks like cat litter all the time lol. Yes cats are amazing I love my little dude. I had a cat that lived till 21 wheni was growing up. Look at him right now goof ball


Geuss I shoild show mattys plant.
It’s doing well, I think it’s stretching… Yup after looking at this couple. Day old pic compared to me peaking last night it’s bigger now. I’ll update one tonight.

Those are a couple days old. I’ll give new ones on Sunday, when I get the clones.


Bad news
No new clones till middle of February… Unless I want to run the original gorrila glue 4 cut.

I do like indicas and gorrila glue has been known to wash (hash) Okay… But not great.

I have a bunch of seeds I could just toss some beans but that would kill the experiment, or by the time I cloned my own females then these inzanes would be ready which doesn’t help me much since I want to run them considering they are the most ranted and raved about sativa in the grow store and reviews online are good.

I think I will have to keep my tent empty and wait for the clones as much as it kills me to say my tent will have been empty for a month and a half.

I’ll focus my energy on @MattyBear Super Cindy haze. I think I’ll move my 2nd 240w into the tent tonight.

Also made gummies out of used frozen rosin pucks. @SilvaBack203
Followed the directions but seems maybe not enough geletin was used because they won’t come out of the mold and are instead like goo.
Both trays in the freezer as of yesterday


Sorry about the set back on your clones. Mattys plant is looking good. Those gummies look good did you spray the molds with something like Pam.


It sucks about the clones. But it sounds like you will dropping near me now :grin: Can’t help with gummies other than eating them :grin:


Sorry about the clones and damn 3 packs of gelatin wasn’t enough wither my bad bro


I dust the inside of my molds with a little cornstarch before I fill them. But you’re probably right not enough gelatin. I use one 3oz package of flavored jello and 2 unflavored packets (idk what size they are but smaller than the flavored ones) and only 1/3 cup of water.


I added 1 pack of geletin and 4 packs come in one box I think.

3oz of jello.

I didn’t spray the pan or dust it, the dabpress guys didn’t do that with theirs but now I’m hearing some people spray or dust theirs with corn starch.

My gummies are suuuuuuuper strong, took one at 7 pm woke up stoned and the next day was sort of a write off… I did this by mixing the gummie mix up and reducing it by about half. The video reduced theirs by 3/4 so I figured 1/2 would be decent but yeah wish I didn’t reduce them.

@SilvaBack203 by far the best thing to do with your pucks (I freeze them in a Mason jar in the freezer until its full)
Cost me a bit in start up gear after molds, lectlin, citric acid, jello, gelitin, mtc oil and the other acid I also used because we love sour candies.

I’ll probably make more candies non thc to get the rstio right and my girls been enjoying store gummies so if I can make good ones at home that will help.

When it’s cold enough outside I can pop them out of the trays so I have one tray yet to empty due to the weather got warm.
I’ll probably take 1/4 of a gummie next time lol but this batch may just be to strong for me and I can hand em out to my girlfriends buddie and whoever else.

Had a recent work change walked off my old job because my company didn’t have my back and didn’t pass the vibe check so I said Fuck it life’s to short to work for people who are arnt going to have your back in a reasonable situation let alone a sketchy one.
and I’m back to working away tomorrow, randomly a friend called me said alot of his workers are sick with covid so he’s giving me a truck and paying me an extra 25$ A day but making 1/3 of my paycheck as “live out allowance” so it’s tax free and more money in my pocket. I leave tomorrow for two weeks so I checked the super Cindy haze from @MattyBear and gave it a thinning before I leave for two weeks.
Processing: 20220120_160822.jpg…

She sure has stretched


Nice brother and it only get better the more u make it…

Congratulations because it take alot to walk out a job like that…