NFTG One Shot Granules for Autoflower?

I am wanting to do a very simple grow with a water and leave it approach. I am growing autoflowers. They have been doing fine for 5 weeks using the nutrients from FFHF soil but I am planning on adding Nectar For The God One Shot Granules this week. Should this provide sufficient nutrients for the plants for the next 6 weeks? Do I need to do 1/4 or 1/2 recommended dose of 2tbs per gal since it’s an Autoflower or just do the full dose since it’s slow release?

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I’m actually looking to find out more info on the one shot granules myself as this is also my first grow if could please share your experience with me .Did you use any other nutrients? I’m growing indoors in a tent I bought FFHF soil , NFTG one shot and big bud but I’m not so sure if I should even bother with the big bud