Next steps any thoughts

Is there anything that I should do to make grow bigger the guy at the hydroponics store gave me some stuff called fish :fish: sh*! And also should I trim the top at some point :thinking:

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They are looking good and healthy. They are growing great just give it some time. The plants on the plastic pot eventually you will wanna top that will some more soil. You can top or FIM at 5th or 7th node

Nice looking girls let me guess about 3 weeks old , I use fish shiz once early to start building a bacteria base ( skipped it this go since I mix half old with half new to preserve bacteria bases) but what fertilizers do you have, hydro nutes? in which case you could start with half doses , if your just top feeding with dry amendments you can hit them with about 15-20 tbsp of a 844 blend to help them through the flower stretch . Otherwise you have about a week until you can really do any defoliating but you can start a Lil LSTing and no you don’t trim the top ( unless you’re topping) you take off the bottom leaves that get no light

If you want more bud sites do some low stress training if ur not sure what im talking about have a look on YouTube and u will see

Long term, I would consider getting better light. Burple ok for veg stage, but will want better lighting to get the dense buds your wanting. @dbrn32 is the lighting guru. Maybe he’ll jump in with some suggestions. Plants look good.

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What light do you have and how large is your grow space?

Its a 3 by 3 that I picked up off Amazon the light does not have a name it came with the all in one grow kit