Next steps after topping for a flat canopy?

Lst training is ur next step to spread out the canopy even

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I often use tomato cages from a garden center. Get the light weight kind not the expensive heavy duty ones. They need to be cut to the right height.

I use bent wire staple to flatten and locate the branches

I now grow most of my plants in a frame. If I want to scrog or use a net for bud support I can

18 days later. A second net was added


@Tophr72 does the support need to ‘grow up’ with the plant? This is confusing me. I tie them down early then she sprouts up. How is the growth accommodated?

Yes. I leave the supports on the whole grow or the plant will try grow any way possible. Low stress training or LST is tying down branches and leaf tucking to allow top sites to hit direct light. Its a constant battle with training plants. At least once a week or when i water i spend time tucking n tying. Dont stress bruh. Best thing for plants is patience. They give you time to identify issues before they just die. Try to enjoy the journey. Every grow i grow has new and exciting issues


Hey @Tophr72 those are incredible weights . What are your medium,nutes and lights? Looks like WWidow is good for stressing?

I use coco coir and 30% perlite in 3gallon(wish i had bought 5gal) fabric pots. Ro water ph 6.0 feed water 2x daily. Fox farms trio nutes. Molasses at the end of flower. I supercrop allmost all my plants. I am using a mars hydro FC-E4800 20-4 for flower T5 for veg 20-4. Ww is very resilient great strong strain


TY! good stuff ur doing there. @Tophr72