Next step..what to do.?


Im just curious about what to do next.
Ive been LST and just started nutes and dont know if i should prune or just let them grow.
Girls are about a month old.
Any advice would be great… Maybe ill start a grow journal.?


They are looking good so far . I think a journal is a good idea and if you fill out a support ticket with it that will help folks here answer any questions you might have . Are they auto flower plants ?


It’s very hard to sit back and watch but that’s almost all you have to do Besides proper watering and precise feeds and controlling the environment variables. But yes, I’m sure several grow pros on this forum can help. But they’ll def want to know all the details a Support Ticket will ask. Copy and paste it on here with your answers / details. As for now I see nothing you need to do. They look great.


Yes, start a grow journal. Your plants are still too small for pruning, they’re fine the way they are. In fact, they look great.


yes ive started a grow journal. Sorry.
Thanks for all the kind words.