Next step or am I fine?

Lol when they said start with a tiny pot I think I took it to literally lol . :slight_smile: tomorrow will make a week (11/10/19) that I’ve had them in these pots (2x2) and they are 4” long (3/5) the other two are only 2-1/2 long.should I move them to a new pot now or wait another week .i guess because my stem is exposed a lot. I’ve grow fruits n veggies but first time growing Mary.


I just transplanted 4 seedings 24 hours ago and they are doing quite well.

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Looks like they are stretching a little bit, means your light source is to far away or you just need more light. I’m new here and a beginner but was told this same thing early on in my first grow.


I’m still on the 37 watt bulb maybe I should bump it up to a higher watt because the lamp is 2-3 inches away from plants

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They have some room yet to grow in those pots. Take a look at the bottom hole and when you start seeing roots coming out you know they have reached the bottom. At that point you still have a bit of time but will give you the signal.
The long stems are because of low light intensity or color of light.
When you do transplant into your 5 gallon fabric pots I would consider planting any that has too much stretch deeper so it’s not so lanky in the new pot.


I have like 37 watt bulb…I should put a bulb with more watts?

@Ad or lower the light more.

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What type of bulb is it?

37W CFL. @Nicky

What’s the the light K though?

Either way if the 37w is causing that stretch at 3inches it’s clear that it’s not enough.
Now maybe 2 of them might be better or maybe one for each plant.

I run my 200w under 2 plants until they grow into it a bit, at about this size I feel that they each need their own light or they need to be under a led board


CFL’s are interesting but best only until the plant starts to stretch out, I feel this is as much you should run it under a cfl in veg

Although I have been stuck and had to run them under a cfl for close to 4 weeks before (ignore light height was tending to plants)