Next step finally growth

Thats great news! No need to start over at all now! The only difference between autos and photos is that photoperiod require a reduction in lighting hours to trigger the flowering. You can stay at 18/6 until you want to initiate flowering. At that time you will change your timer to 12/12 instead of 18/6.

On the flip side, not a whole lotta dirt in your pots. This will limit the size your plant can get in terms of overall size. As for your flowers, when the time comes, you will likely be watering and feeding every day because they will suck up that water. But will still flower. IE here is a dixie cup grow to demonstrate, small plant big flowers.

So its up to you, if you wish to grow her out, or restart into a larger soil base.
Love your nails by the way!


Thank u :relaxed: :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed: When u said photo. I look nd seen a p and was like let me double.check nd boom they was photos but my white window seeds are auto I’m currently starting that it’s germination now I guess I’ll compare nd see what works better giving up is not an option And do u suggest a particular feeding
Solution and dosage or time period since it’s photo

In the photo department, you are already more experienced then I am :slight_smile: been only autoflowers since my first. Back to back to back…maybe photos will be next years project. Fortunately, you cant help but find a pro around here. Couple good ones are @Covertgrower covert will always answer a question. @PurpNGold74 another skilled grower. @Caligurl and @kellydans just too name a few. Any post by them is gonna be solid gold.

Excellent idea!

Good! Dont. Once you get it, each grow gets better, and easier. Im on the boards off and on every day so if you got any questions, feel free to ask.
Be sure when you drop that auto into the dirt, fill that pot!


Tasty thank u nd I definitely will


Thanks for the tag @Docnraq!
@HunnyButta I’m tagging along if you don’t mind :wink:

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```auto germinate and I filled the pot lol
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