Next step finally growth

@Coonass @OGIncognito I was worried bout the yellow but getting better guess it was rapid growth. It’s going on week 4 day 29 from germination
Currently have all ilgm nutes and a1000 watt blurpiee and 600 watt still in ffhf soil recently invested in tcb,phpen and moisture level pen What’s y’all next suggestion???


My tip is to not water at the base of your plant. The roots directly below your plant are ment for air (red zone) water in an ever widening ring that is about 2 inches from the tip of your leaves. (Green zone.) This will stretch your roots out as they hunt for water. Bigger roots = Bigger Fruits

Your plant is 4 weeks old? Its not an auto is it?

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Yes it’s a blueberry auto and a white widow auto. Also do I add more soil

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Too late for that, next attempt you definatly wanna fill that pot.

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This is my XL kush auto its one week and three days old and this is how big it is so far .ur plant is healthy but it should have a bit more size for four weeks old i wonder why its like that

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Is it time to use nutes???

Omg I been watering only the red. And just spraying it with a spray bottle

Cause im using coco coir im using nutrients right now u can use nutrients now but u will have to make a low dose thou

Suggestions?? I have ilgm nutes but never opened

I dont know there nutrients ,what does it say on the packet

What did U use ???

Definitely looks little, the one picture when it’s really small, it looks like it had been watered. When they are seedlings like that they don’t need to be “watered” in the traditional sense. They take what they need from the atmosphere so it’s usually better to have the humidity cranking instead of watering and potentially drowning it out and stunting the growth.

As an example this sour diesel auto is 21 days old and the first week or so all I did was keep humidity up to 70% or so. Then I barely watered once it got its first two sets of leaves and then watered 2 other times about 5 days apart ( I’m running 24 hour lighting so it dries up faster)

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So cut back on watering what do U suggest ???

I’m not sure what your best option is at this point maybe someone more knowledgeable can chime in. If you pop anymore seeds though that is a good place to start. Usually I’ll water my soil like 2 or 3 days before I plant the seed so it dries out a little. Pop seed in and keep my humidity up until it gets its first set of leaves or two and then water lightly around the outside of it not near the stem. Once it gets a few leaves usually you are in the clear if you make mistakes, it seems the hardest part is the seedling stage.

Ok thanx I’m going to germinate a newbie today and take this advice

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I’d start over, but that’s just me. If that’s 4 weeks it’s going to start flowering soon probably, and you’ll get like a bowl full. Not worth the utilities.

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Im with team start over! The avg autoflower will go like this:
1 week germ
1 week seedling
2-3 weeks vegging
7-10 days preflower transition (stretch)
8-10+ weeks flowering
Obviously this is a loose timeline, like I said, Avg.

This is one if my autos, at just a couple weeks ahead of you, to give you an idea of how stunted your lady is.

If you were growing a photo none of this would apply. You can veg a photo indefinatly, mistakes only slow down photo but autos do their own thing and at a rapid pace. Loosing one day of growth in an auto is like adding an extra week to a photo. Your plant is gonna throw pistils SOON.

Excellent. Be sure to fill the pot this time. You can reuse the soil you have in the bag just ckear any roots and leave it in the bottom. Then, use fresh soil for the top. Not sure if you have been but, cut your OF with 15-25% perlite. FF has crumby drainage and this will help that.

Agree with others seedling is hardest grow time, they are weak AF when seedlings.

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Ok what is OF and do I start in the solo cup than transplant can u sent me a simple breakdown so I can start over

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OF = ocean forest
With autos its best to start in their forever home. Transplant shock can really screw up an auto.
It can be done but why tempt fate when you dont have too.

Here is my process, and ill also tag you in my first couple journals, take some time to read them as I asked many questions and got great answers that may help you as you go along.

First thing is filling your pot. Fox Farm has only so/so drainage so you need to add adtl perlite I do so at a ratio of 3 scoops soil and 1 scoop perlite, mix well and put into pot. Fill pot to the top with soil. Drop seed in RO or distilled water, seed will likely float, i like to trap the seed with a fork underwater but its not always possible. Put ontop of fridge (running fridge keeps water warmer then room temp. After 24 hours if no tail has formed, I wait another 24 hours. At this point its into the soil about 1/2 an inch bellow topsoil tail or not. Pour 30 ml (1 tsp is 5 ml for reference) of water ontop of seed and put a clear plastic dome of some kind (cut a two litre soda bottle in half and use bottom half) over top. Spray a couple mists of water on inside of dome and place pressing edge slightly into soil. (That part is key, soil will form a seal of sorts helping keep moisture inside.) Every morning mist a couple mists inside dome, replace dome then spray 25-30 sprays over top soil and dome. In 5-7 days you should have a seedling. Keep dome for a couple of weeks repeating this process every day.

@Docnraq after checking this. I called the person that gifted them to me and they’ll said they are. Blueslurry Photo/feminized so do I still start over is this normal for photos in 4weeks and what do the lighting need cause it’s on 18/6