Next stage in grow

I have white whiskers turning brown on some branches. Is this normal and if it is what stage this is and approximately what i can expect next?

what light schedule do you have ?? and is this an autoflower or reg?

It’s not autoflower, my lights are 2 100 watt cfl. She’s growing in the bucket.
So, the brown whiskers are good or bad?

those whiskers are called pistils and te fact they are turning brown means your getting ever closer to harvesting your bud, it’s a good thing don’t worry

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and also when most of the pistils turn brown(about 75%) your good to harvest, but I would research what time is best

Thanks mate :grinning: appreciate very much :grinning:

Don’t have much info to help u with but they look beautiful good job

You want to watch the tricombs not the pistols an you need a magnifying glass or jeweler’s loop to see them you want them to be amber colored your pistols will turn orange way before then an you are looking at between 81 and 100 days in flower before harvest roughly

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Here are pics of mine 89 day’s into flower and still not ready

All the Lil round dots are your tricombs

The Lil round dots on the crystals

Great looking plants. Appreciate your advice, thank you very much :grinning:

No problem and all those are the same plant different lenses persay

Hate to be the bad guy here but those plants are nowhere near Harvest and there’s no reason why they should be turning brown

Can you give us more information, how long flowering light cycle what you’re feeding them PPM pH all that

look at Joshua’s plant, its Deep into flowering and maturing rapidly, yours looks like it’s only been flowering maybe three or four weeks or so and pistils should be white and packing on a lot more growth before they start browning in my opinion

The light cycle is 12/12 and the flowering is in a third week. I feed them some nutrients and currently only on water. The pH is ok aswell.
My second plant is Northern Lights fem auto and i just seen also one turned brown.
But the top of the plant looking ok, there is no any brown colours at all. This only happen on lower levels.

They look very healthy but they’ve still got a lot more growing to do, they’ve got to pack on some size? I wouldn’t really worry about it, but keep us posted

Ok, thank you. Just been wandering if this was ok :ok_hand:.
Appreciate advice :grinning: