Next level autos (RDWC)!

The systems are EXPENSIVE! But yields and growth are INSANE !! I grow in a 6 × 2 in dirt average 1 pound my bro has 4 × 2 (RDWC) average 1 1/2 to 2. I can build a inline 4 bucket for around 200 or pay 400 to 800?gonna be winter project. Let me know if anyone is interested in the plans for build Verry simple!!? And we LOVE CHEAP AND SIMPLE!!!


I’m with you on that RDWC. I’m currently hand watering a 14 bucket DWC and it does kept you @ss busy. May I suggest this one that I’ve got two of the buckets just no recirculating system, yet.

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@LateNightGardner that’s great I had that system when it first came out . I’m limited on space 4 ×2 so I’m building one to fit 4 pot inline res at end … Ill update when I start build. Gonna coast under 200 for a recerculating dwc system.Yours look great these are in 5 th week in dirt

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They’re looking good. Nice side branching going on. Looks to see them after they reach for the light.

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You could always try to do a auto watering system with coco coir If you want to do a middle ground before doing a full switch , personally I’ll never do rdwc ,far to much constant measuring , maintenance,and headache when things go wrong. Got a lil over a pound from my last coco grow with 5 autos in a pseudo 2x4 closet

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Thanks I have some experience with hydro .I’m getting around a pound in dirt 4×2 , 7to 8autos just FIM and light lollipop. My boy is almost doubling that with 6 in RDWC.

@LateNightGardner thanks!! just starting week 6 today .here’s 3 days from last pic I have seen no stunting at all gave slight lollipop yesterday. Update when stretching is done.

They average around 1 inch a day​:+1::grin:! The 2 on right are week and 1/2 behind.