Next grow, questions on set up!

Starting to accumulate bits and piecies for next grow. Wanting ideas for improving technics, or equipment. I am growing for my head only so 2 plants max (or just one LST ed.) I have a 2x4x5 tent, speed controlled exhaust fan and filter, HLG 260XL for lights. Planed on using FFOF with perlite added, 5 gal landscape pots, aperia ph20 tester, (am going to buy a TDS meter need suggestion on this) . Pretty basic stuff and that’s worked great last grow. Tent is inside home so tent environment can be controlled fairly easily. Plan on getting “good seeds here” probably an indica hybrid. Soooooo am I missing anything major or more to the point what “fine tunning” could I do to make improvements. Again I don’t need pounds, But want some good smoke. Thanks in advance and for all the help that got me this far!

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Sounds like you are setup pretty good. A cheap $20 tds meter is fine. Maybe get some fabric pots. I tell everyone they should try growing in coco, so try growing in coco. haha. You’ll love it

Ok fabric pots what,why,advantages??? Have an idea better aeration???

The fabric pots are self pruning for the roots. Never get root bound again.

Not sure what you mean by self “pruning”??

It kills off excess roots you can also air prune by taking a plant out a plastic pot at lettibg the root ball sit out in the air without the bucket around it and it’ll naturally kill some of the roots on the outside that are exposed to the light in the air directly

SAY WHAT!!! Naw…

That’s good when mothers are kept for a long.time

The fabric pots are definitely better over plastic less chance of anaerobic decomposition taking place and you’ll get a healthier root ball

I agree with everyone else one this. I’m using 3.5 gallon buckets, and wishing I had used 5 gallon fabric pots. The buckets are well drilled, but still do not compare to the fabric pots natural root pruning ability. Even if you decide to only use 3-4 gallons, you can fold the fabric down to accommodate that.

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Was actually thinking of going to 7 or 10 gal size, just don’t know if any advantage in this.

In that size tent, you’d probably be okay with 5 gallon. However, I’m not against trying to grow monsters either. Lol. If you can bush them out and keep them from getting too tall, you can use a bigger pot. Are you planning on using autos or photo period plants? I could be wrong on this, because I’ve never grown autos, but you could probably get away with a smaller pot for an auto plant.

Planning on photos, just don’t know the benefits of larger pots, if any, I’n my situation

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I use the largest pots (prefer fabric 10 gal but also use plastic 10 gal) that I can easily manage in my space. I must be able to lift and move them in and out, larger than 10 gallon size pots are just too heavy for me to manage without risk.

Using larger pots give you control over the plant size by how long you veg. With smaller pots, the pot size will limit plant size due to root binding.

The bound roots also lead to nutrient issues that I don’t usually see with the larger pots. Also less frequent watering until mid flower when I need to water every day regardless of pot size.

This from my personal (but limited) experience. Others may have different experiences to share.

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I agree with @merlin44 that larger pots will afford you the opportunity to grow larger plants, as well as help with root efficiency. Also mentioned, they start to get heavy and awkward to carry when using anything over 10 gallon pots. I personally think you’d be fine with 5 gallon fabric pots, but using 10 gallon fabric pots would not hurt anything, and possibly give you larger plants. I only use food grade plastic buckets because they are easier to maneuver for me, and seem sturdier.

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I was thinking of maybe one plant veged longer to full my 2x4x5 tent using larger pot ie: 7/10 gal or 2 smaller plants lst ed and short veg. In 5 gal pot. Any input on this?? Keep in mind my goals is quality not quantity as much.

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Either approach will work just fine. For my setup, more buds (ie bigger plant) does not reduce the quality, I just get more great cannabis.

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For a tds meter you can’t go past the Bluelab Truncheon, no buttons, no calibration, just dip it in and read the LED’s, takes 3 AA batteries.

Those bluelab are a bit pricy.

How do those fabric pots drain?? Do they need to be “lifted” up in the drip pan to seep??? Never seen one in the flesh.