Next Grow Autopot - Questions on size etc

@Edword02 yeah man thats looking all good. :+1:
In my experience of using clay balls air base and air domes,
What works beautifully for me is The air base , and i agree dont bother with air domes as they seem to flood and bubble on the pots trays edge and causes mess.
Im growing in Canna terra soil with awesome results .
Almost finished my 4th grow and i have it dialed in nicely.
There are different ways to get the same result So not knocking others at all, thats just my experience with Autopots.



@HotAndHumid :arrow_up:

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I’ve given up on AirDomes. I’ve tried a couple grows using clones with and without AirDomes and saw no noticeable difference in the end result.


70/30 or 50/50 will work, no solid evidence yet on if one is better, or if straight coco is better. I would suggest avoiding straight coco for now.

Air bases are the new tech that replaces clay balls or the need for a layer of some other thing like straight perlite.

Using an air dome with an air base is the method to add air, or using an air base with an air stone.

I never used air domes, so no experince but most people who grow in fabric pots find no need for the added air.
Plastic pots tend to do better with air added.

I havent used air bases yet but I do intend to try them.


My last grow with the air domes was great,
apart from messy tent floor.
I prefer to be clean and i found stopping airdomes mid current grow ( because of floods ), did this.
stay blazzed :boom: team :dash::dash::dash:


@Apot420 @Nicky @CMichGrower hey thanks for the input guys. I’m leaning towards skipping the airdromes this time just to keep things a little simpler and cleaner. I like cleaner.


@Edword02 ,
Thats a good idea to start without And you can always add them in the future,
Im sure theres lots of variables that come into play.
My mate tried 4 domes on 2 plants in 2 differnt tents for an experiment
And the four with airdomes all got issues.
And hes been growing for 10 odd years.
Always better to keep it simple to start with , and see the results of adding extras.


We’re they clones?

Did he use air bases with the air domes?

Plastic of fabric grow container?

@Nicky hey there Nicky :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Yeah mine were clones in the 4 plastic pots , And in canna terra soil air base & air domes.
I learnt about too wet , over feeding in my first grow.
Since then I’ve had my grows dialled in perfectly.
One of these days i will give coco a go But for now im loving it.

ps. sorry if that was a question to @HotAndHumid.

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Hey man

It was a question to your buddies grow, sorry for the confusion


all good as gold, @Nicky ,i kinda realized that after,
Sorry my bad :+1::sunglasses::ok_hand:

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Does anyone use a chiller with the autopots or no? I wasnt sure if the chiller is for anything with a reservoir or more geared towards an actual hydro setup.

I have never had the need for a chiller. The Rez stays the same temperature as the room it’s in which is usually 70-73* F

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Awesome, appreciate the response!

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