Next Grow Autopot - Questions on size etc

Planning my next grow. I wanna try Autopots (fabric). I have a 2x4 tent. Planning on two plants (photo) in coco + perlite.

  1. Do you recommend the 5 gallon fabric or the 3 gallon?

  2. With the fabric pots, do you need airdromes?

  3. Do I need anything in the bottom of the pot? Perlite chunks, clay balls, golf balls??? How about the copper plate in the bottom of the bag?

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I just recently switched over to autopots. For a 2x4 tent i would reccommend the 3 gallon bags because the lack of room to grow them out in your case but ill tag a few ive been asking questions to for ya @Pinboy @Nicky @Docnraq @emgoldslo @beardless @matty777 I assume you are talking about the geopot system correct? Thats what i have and its either 3 or 5 gallon that sits in the water. I had purchased clay pebbles but quickly realized 5 lbs is enough for 2 inches in the 5 gal bags and didn’t want to have to buy 15 lbs more so i went ahead and opted for the air dome kit and tray setup. Havent had the chance to try it out but ive heard its much better than clay pebbles. If you dont use an air base your supposed to have the bottom 2 inches with either clay pebbles or some sort of medium that drains really well. Chunky perilite, clay pebbles, or risk it and go straight coco and perilite i believe thats what nicky does. I did go a bit above and beyond and switched out some of the autopot line for john guest line that is much stiffer and then got rid of the barbed connectors and got all push connects by john guest as well


Thanks for the response. Below is the system I’m considering.

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I run two of these (four pots) and have some observations:

Plastic pots should use air domes. Fabric pots do not need them at all.

I use the largest fabric pot that has a 10 to 10 1/2" base diameter. Having a two inch layer of hydroton on the bottom reduces the amount of wicking into your base medium. If you have the root stopper, place directly over the hydroton. I don’t use them and just remove any roots that interfere with the tray.

IMO you do lose a bit in overall size but I just harvested two plants with one at 300 grams of flower and the other was 402 grams (12 and 14 oz. respectively).


Thanks for the response.

I’m finishing my second grow now and will start a new one (it will be my 3rd grow coming up). I’ll order the Autopot system and supplies soon

— Would you be willing to mentor my next grow?

I have Acapolco Gold photo seeds and will be using coco+perlite.

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Happy to. I have always recommended going with one grower as you can run into contradictory responses. It’s just less confusing.

When you start your journal, tag me in and always tag me when you have any questions.


Yes, agreed. I’ve been reading daily on this site for a good while and do see (well intended) contradictions.

I’ll be harvesting my current GG4 in the next 2 weeks and then will be ready to start again

I’ll start a journal at that time and tag you as suggested. It will be my first journal.

Appreciate the help in advance


Your getting some great advice from some great growers. I’ll give this another read tomorrow and see if I can pick up on anything that was missed. Personally I like different opinions, they make you think and make decisions based on your growing style


Autopots are going to blow you away. Screw the hydroton, get an airbase cheaper and reusable as well as you dont need to buffer it and easier to retrieve at the end of the grow. Air dome is cool and even though the fabric pot might not need it, doesnt mean it wont have value if you use it. If we went based only on what was needed you wouldnt have an autopot system.


An idea that dawned on me today. It would be smart to get an extra fabric pot for each tray. This way you can transplant into and get a plant rooted right before your harvest so you can basicly just pull one plant out and pop one right back in its place.


Good advice above.

I’ve been growing with these for a while now and most of what I have said can be found around the forums but I’ll bullet point it here quickly.

If you have low humidity use fabric
If you have high humidity issues use plastic

Plastic requires air to grow at the same pace as fabric is the general consensus.
I would recommend the air bases that are newer, clay pebbles have PH issues, and anything else can be messy for re use or waste full. Air will work with an air base in fabric as well, it’s an added bonus some say some say no bonus try it yourself.

Try coco and perlite 70/30 or 50/50, both seem to work, some have equally sucess with straight coco.

Raise your reservoir as high as you can while still being able to fill it ergonomicly (increased hydro pressure is easier to find leaks fast and reduces clogs)

Don’t use organics unless your experienced and under stand the maintenance required.

Ensure you use a silica in your water first, PH below 7 then add nutrients. Silica bonds with nutrients above PH of 7.

Wash your reservoir semi frequently

Use a wave maker or pump on a 15-30min on ever 1-2hr to mix.

If you use air buy a big flat air stone for under the air base they work good.

Dont turn the system on until your leafs stretch past the edges of the pot.

Use minimal amount of connections and taps as possible, these areas is where clogs develop.

After each grow soak all your floats, lines and connections in a 5 gallon bucket or sink full of warm water and a gulg of PH down. Allow to soak all day.
Blow out the lines!! Also ensure lines insides are soaked and not full of air.

Finally, get yourself a water alarm. Save yourself the hassle of a mistake that leads to a flood. Because eventually you’ll forget something and cause a leak.


Thanks for the response.

What type of water alarm and how do you use it?


@Nicky im curious why you’d want a air stone under the air base? Shouldnt the air base being hooked up to the air pump enough or would you need both going?

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Honestly I haven’t seen the airbases working, I thought it was just a spacer…
Does it have an air supply hook up to it?

I’m ordering mine when I fire my grow up in the fall

Ps any water alarm that works, I’ve ran without one but it’s also on my list to get this fall prior to turning the system on.

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@Nicky The air base is just the base but the air dome is the air line and dome you just need to buy a pump. 2 seperate things but you’d think they would have it all in 1 pack. The air base has a removable center for the air dome kit which you run air to because it comes with fittings and lines. Here are some pics fpr reference and this paper they sent with the air dome

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The original air Dome had a hose with a couple holes in it, it didn’t seem to work very well compared to an air stone so many of us switch to air stones. Unless the design of this black Air Dome has changed I would suspect an air stone would still be better although I’m unsure as I don’t have everything in front of me, I’m struggling to understand if your picture and what method would work best


Thanks for replying. But, if using a fabric bag, then the air dome isn’t necessary. ??

I’d rather not use one in my fabric bag unless truly necessary.

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Air dome isn’t necessary in fabric, correct. I would still Try an air base but I’ve had great success without anything other than a full pot of coco and peralite mix.


Spot on…except for the air stone, the wave maker and the rez cleaning….I bought into autopots STRICTLY because of @Nicky advice and experience. I love the system and have had decent luck with it.
The air stone can and will mess up your ph. The wave maker is also a waste of time and money unless you have a big rez…
Cleaning the rez is unheard of in my lazy world, I’ve never had any issue at all but I only run a 12 gallon


This is a good point I failed to mention.
I run a 25 gallon res.