Next grow and im finally a bit experienced lol

I know . It’s pretty amazing. I just don’t know what to expect for bud structure. Since it’s a completely brand new strain. I’m really hoping some nice dense buds to go with the growth. I’m trying one clone right now for the first time. I only have one grow room so I’m trying to make it work in there with the others. If it takes root. I may try and find a way to keep it alive and as a mother. Sucks having no yard and a tiny apartment.

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Plants still growing wild. I noticed today that these plants have massive knuckles connecting the branches. It’s completely different then I have ever seen. .has any of you guys seen this before or is it common.

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Yep my knuckles always do that. If you ever bend them or LST them it’s just the plant trying to beef up the connection from the stress. Absolutely normal and nothing to worry about


Agreed with comment above

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Anyone know what this is. It’s spreading on my smallest plant

It’s coming from the bottom . And you can crumble the leaves effected by it

Im here im locked in and im excited to watch this shit! Bro in chapter 1 you mentioned top nutes and my first thought was, ok going out like my man Canuck n then boom haha Hes one of my favorite to watch. Last night I was discussing with my buddy bout growing NYC Deisel so this will be good to have for when that comes.

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Looks like an older cal deficiency. Does it look like that immediately? Or start with dots and spread then crumble

its like the whole bottom layer on one plant is like this. all about the same amount to. its like half the leaf is splochy and just crumbles like it has zero moisture. all the upper leaves look perfect. i do have some purple lines in some of the stems and were the light hits the branches.

Did it get bad overnight or over a few nights?

Over a while I believe. And I was just checking my plants and the small one has female preflowers all over it. But the big one has only one . And I think it’s male. If it is , then it is the second batch from torontoseedco that was supposed to be feminised and wasn’t. I’m so discouraged right now. If it ends up being male I will only have one plant. I will have to grow it huge to get what I want from it. And its the nicest plant.

@Twistedtyrant66 I can recommend this place with 30000% so look at Attitude Seedbank. This is the place I order from and have had 0 problems.

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is it canadian

No…from the UK but shipped out of the Netherlands.

decided to make some BHO. Wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but I’m happy with the results lol


@Twistedtyrant66 Just si you know the place I named has a awesome special as a promotion buys. Buy 5 seeds and get 11 free. This is before the extras added for spending so much and how you pay.

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Ok so here is another wierd one with this plant. I found one single “male sac” and I found no more so I cut the branch off. Now I noticed were sex parts should be there is what loops like branches growing. I don’t have enough experience with makes to know if this is normal for them . I don’t want to waste good expensive soil just to cut it down .

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Just looks like new growth that didnt fully develop. Dont really see male parts

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Well here is my girls. The smaller one some how outgrew the tall one. But did it while growing more shoots then I know what to do with. There in 5 gallon now as of a couple days ago. You can’t tell by the picture but I have a huge nitrogen toxicity. I’m hoping the fresh soil will fix it. I reused my last grows soil thinking it would be ok. But with the buildup and then adding my dry amendments and also Cal mag. I think it was to much. They are so green and droopy. But they will survive lol.


The N tox doesnt look too harsh. No burnt tips. No clawing. Looking happy